Monday, November 9, 2015

Wedding Blog Awards 2015

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, I took a little time off writing. I have been travelling and planning events and my my, just a busy month, but I told myself, I had to get around to post about the Blog Awards and say....THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who voted! I have been nominated for the past two years and this year I was honored with Highly Commended in my category, so thank you so much for taking the time to vote. Not only to vote, but also to read my blog. I love sharing ideas, travels, shopping ideas and so much more over here. Over the next few months I have some fun features coming your way and can't wait to post them. A lot of lifestyle ideas, party ideas, entertaining, health, so keep on reading. Thank you! 
Below are a few pictures from the night. Thanks again.
A lot of you have asked me where I got this cute little emerald dress, adorable right? Jennifer with Suite let me borrow it for the occasion.  This dress is the Golightly dress and it was SUCH a fun party dress to wear for the night. It was comfortable and pretty. You MUST check out the Suite line for any special occasion you have coming up. I think her dresses would make amazing bridesmaids dresses. You also must check out her instagram feed at @suite_jennifer for some pretty, girly, party dress filled posts, all things I love. Thank you so much Jennifer.

Thank you for voting for me and for allowing me to get Highly Commended Best Travel Blog. My blog is nowhere near a full wedding blog, I am writing more and more lifestyle and focusing my weddings over at my business Glimmer & Threads. It was such a treat to even be included. 

{Image by Neopan Photography}
 I have to say, since moving to London, I have met a HUGE amount of amazing women through my blog. Two years ago when I met this bunch of inspiring ladies, it seems to just grow and grow. The blog world is a funny one where we all sit behind our laptops usually at home, but being a small community it is nice to meet up and share stories and celebrate together. There is so much creative talent in this field and I was excited to share the afternoon with so many of them! 
You know the lady above, yes, it's Jay Archer, my amazing wedding florist, colleague and friend. We went as each others dates and had a blast. I can't say enough good things about this talented lovely red head! Shes fun and full of floral talent!!! She was also honored with Highly Commended on her blog, check it out for wedding inspiration! 
I hadn't seen these ladies since we had tea at Sketch  and it was nice to hear about their babies and their families and catch up on things other then blog world life;) Mrs. Festival Brides and Mrs. Smashing the Glass
 Bows in the back. I love this dress! 
And I can not end the post without sharing the lady behind my beautiful big BUN! Kylie McMichael did my hair and my awesome makeup for the event. I have worked with Kylie before and on weddings and she is killer at making you feel and look glam for the day. As I have now cut my hair off {yep! That to come later!} I already miss that big old bun. Thank you Kylie!!! 

You can see more images here and here of the Blog Awards. Thank you for reading along for so many years! 

xoxo Rebecca

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