Friday, October 16, 2015

I Fancy Friday v. 51

Oh Friday, how I love seeing you come around! It has been a really great week of planning some new ideas for upcoming recipes, photo shoots and attending events. The Wedding Blog awards were yesterday and it was so great to meet up with some really amazing UK wedding industry friends! {see the hashtag #weddingblogwards}. We are off to Holland tomorrow and even though it is a super quick weekend trip, I am really looking forward to a little get away for the weekend! I hope you are getting into something nice for the next few days as well! Below are a few things I fancied from the week, what have you been up to? 

Happy Friday! xoxo Becca

1. A Garden Gathering on SMP Living  - this is one of the prettiest baby showers I have seen. How gorgeous are these flowers! 

2. Boho luxe kylee yee shoot - It was fun to see my linens on the beach all the way in Australia! Check out the entire feature, it is gorgeous. 

3. kate spade All in Good Taste Book  - to say I am excited for this book to come out is an understatement. Kate Spade, entertaining, two of my favorites! 

4. Jessica Buurman bag - I have a thing for cross body bags right now. I love them! I love a really sophisticated every day cross body bag that you can mix for day or night, and this may just be your size. 

5. Golightly party dress by Suite Jennifer - My BLOG AWARDS dress!!!! You must check out Suite Jennifer  if you are looking for a new cocktail party, Her designs are timeless, way chic and way fun! I'm a bit loving.....everything!

6. Adventure begins print   - Hi cute London pink door print! 

7. Mademoiselle Prive Chanel London  - really hoping to get to this show ASAP! 

8. DIY Macaron Display  - I keep dreaming of how fabulous these would be on display at a party. yes. must get done some time. 

9. Carrot Cake Cookies - yum. yum. yum. I've been limiting my sugar for the race but am still craving something sweet! These cookies sound like a perfect solution. 

10. Halloween Costume: Kissing Sailor Couple -or- DIY Pineapple - We are going to be in NYC for Halloween. Do you think I should be a pineapple or that cute couple? 

Happy Friday! 

xoxo Becca


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  2. The DIY pineapple costume made me chuckle!

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