Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Simple Soiree : Friendsgiving Pot Luck

I truly can not believe this will be the fourth year we are celebrating Thanksgiving here in London. Our first year in London we went out to eat with a group of friends and for the past two years have hosted a Friendsgiving party at our flat on Saturday evening. For most Americans living abroad, we do not get the day off at work. Thanksgiving here is known and some restaurants serve a special feast on Thursday. This year however, with such a busy year and a lot of recent projects, we have decided to pair it down a bit on one of my favorite holidays. That being said, I thought to myself, what about the idea of a simple Friendsgiving soiree pot luck dinner. A day where everyone signs up to bring something, simple non floral centerpieces, a festive punch, I think it sounds like a 
wonderful reason to get friends together, American or not!

1. What to DECORATE with : Buy some simple small pumpkins or even fruit {apples, pears, squash} and spray paint it in metallic colors. Lay the finished products on some Kraft paper instead of a fancy table cloths and mix in some inexpsenive table lights. Voila! Fancy, pretty, simple table decor. Montana Gold Spray Paint  Table Fairy Lights Kraft paper table roll

2. What to SERVE: Have everyone sign up to bring a dish. Instead of going through the hassle of cooking a turkey {let alone the COST of a British Turkey, not cheap! Why are turkey's here so much more expensive!}, make this recipe of Turkey Thanksgiving Day Meatballs! We visited this restaurant when we were in NYC and it was AMAZING. This is what I am making Mr. Beau and I on Thursday. Order a pie from your local bakery, make some pre portioned stuffing muffins and don not forget to make something easy to drink like a big bowl of Autumn sangria!  Gobble Gobble Turkey Meatballs    Apple Sangria Cornbread Stuffing Muffins Hummingbird Bakery Pumpkin Pie Beaujolais Nouveau 

3. Forget the CHINA: Yes, I know, this is me, Mrs. Entertaining lover, but honestly, I am saying it, use paper! You will thank me. It will be easier and now a days there are SO many cute options! Buy some gold paper plates and while I love a glass, why not get these cute paper cups and write everyones names on them. Paper Mash Gold Scallop Cup 

4. Wrap up the LEFTOVERS: Write guests a thank you note and tuck it into a little box full of leftovers so that they can have it at their home. A personal little note goes such a long way! Peach Blossom Kraft Brown Food Box & Washi Tape & Wooden CutleryQuill London Thank You Tape Quill London Thank You Card Set Sugar Paper LA

If you are an American living in London, it isn't too late to get some Thanksgiving goodies. Ocado still has plenty of Pumpkin Pie Puree ! Even though you may miss your family that are miles away, be thankful for the wonderful friends you have nearby. Happy Friendsgiving! 

xoxo Rebecca

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