Monday, November 30, 2015

Party Loves : Gold Leaf

Recently I have discovered that there are a lot of little party items that I absolutely love, can not have enough of and people ask me often, where did you get it? Little things like a certain cocktail napkin, striped straws, flower vases, etc. I thought I would start a new blog series on Party Loves, featuring little things I love to add when entertaining that make an event just a bit more special and sparkly when not sucking your bank account dry! First up, gold leaf! 
 {taken on my phone via my Instagram account}

Adding Gold Leaf to a drink, some desserts or even a cheese plate makes it look fancy fancy! A small little envelope of Cake Professional Finest Gold Leaf goes a long way as well. Make sure to use tweezers when applying the gold leaf, otherwise it tends to stick together if you just use your fingers. A small envelope is about £5 and will make your drinks look like £50 ;)

{image by Maxeen Kim for our Style Me Pretty Living shoot}

 A bit of edible powder is also pretty fabulous to sprinkle on desserts as well! I find gold dust online here or also at your local kitchen store. It is the littlest touch, but trust me, your guests will be impressed when you serve them a morning doughnut that is glittery and edible. 
{image by Sanshine Photography for an upcoming Christmas feature!}

Champagne cake! I may be trying this recipe for Christmas this year, sprinkled with lots of gold dust! 
{Champagne Cake from Food52}
{Edible Gold Fortune Cookies on Cake Appreciation Society}
How much do you love those fortune cookies, obsessed. Such an inexpensive item made to look super luxe with some gold sparkle. 
{Edible Gold Cocktail from Swooned Magazine}
{Image from Buzzfeed}

Buy some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and add a little gold dust, voila, super fancy brunch! Or a classic glass of champagne with some gold sparkle added to the glass and your guests will WAY be impressed. Happy entertaining! I think every day should have a little extra sparkle in your glass or on our breakfast, so why not for sure add it during the Christmas season! 

xoxo Rebecca

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