Thursday, March 12, 2015

Polka Dots & Peggy Porschen : An Afternoon Coffee Date

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a wedding industry friend, Maxeen Kim , for a cup of coffee {OK a few!} and a nice catch up. Life is so busy that sometimes an afternoon of indulgence of beautiful and delicious cupcakes, hot cups of coffee {forget the tea} and a couple of hours of girlfriend chit chat are just what everyone needs. Maxeen and I had talked about getting together for awhile, but when the location of a cute tea place came into the idea, I recommended Peggy Porschen in Belgravia because, well, there couldn't be a cuter, more girly, sweet treat spot.
 If you have not been to Peggy's parlor in Belgravia you MUST MAKE A VISIT! The pink corner shop on beautiful Elizabeth Street is a must. Peggy Porschen is an amazing cake designer in London, creating everything from iced sugar cookies, mini cakes to amazingly gorgeous bespoke wedding cakes. I for one am a HUGE fan of the Patisserie Cake Collection! Brides to be check her out!

 Every day I am always looking for new ideas for events and inspiration and stepping into the Peggy Porschen shop makes me want to live a prettier, pinker life… that possible? Getting together with other industry friends is super inspiring as well, especially over Strawberry & Champagne cupcakes! No truly, it is. Since moving here to London it has been a part time job for me to meet other bloggers and wedding industry professionals. Even though I'm busy, as I mention often {we all are right!} I have started to make these dates a non negotiable in my life {more about that next week}. Having a group of professionals around you to throw ideas off of and learn new things is beyond important! It was so nice to get together and talk business and life, and the pretty pink location was certainly a bonus!
Not only was it a fun day to catch up but it was also a fun day to dress up. How often do you meet a friend for coffee and put on a party skirt? I ask this myself because I do not do it much and truly, why not! Walking around Belgravia on a sunny day with a balloon in one hand and a pouffy pink skirt on made my attitude a whole lot more happier!
By the way, Bon Bon Balloons kind of rocks. I am using them for a fun event I am planning with desserts, but why not just walk around town with one! I'm telling you, everywhere I went, it brought a smile to people's face. 
It was a perfect day to catch up and explore an amazing London cafe! Thank you Maxeen!!!! Make sure you put away some time to meet up with a new connection, a good friend, someone in your business you have been wanting to throw ideas off of, it is such a lovely thing to do. 

All photos by Maxeen Kim Photography. She rocks and is available for weddings in London, Europe and South Africa….OK, just about anywhere around the globe! 

xoxo - Rebecca

xoxo - Rebecca

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog, and your style is adorable! I am planning my wedding right now and I noticed we had/have very similar tastes and visions for our wedding day - same shoes, same wedding colors, and our dresses even look very similar! :) Needless to say, I love it all!


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