Friday, March 6, 2015

I Fancy Friday v.43

You know how I feel about Friday's…I love them! The sense of waking up and knowing that the weekend is ahead, I love it! This weekend Mr. Beau and I are taking three days to fix up our flat a little. We have LOTS of projects scheduled and I am ready to get this place whipped into shape! I will be stopping by A Most Curious Wedding Fair and other then that we are being homebodies and guess what…I can't wait. Recently our weeks are just so busy that come Friday, I am a pretty happy person at home, on the couch with Mr. Beau, Sir Oliver and a glass of wine. Anyone else agree with me there???? It was a lovely week behind us and I found a few things that I fancy…you know I had to share. Happy Weekend everyone! 
1. Flower Bouquet - Featured on Love My Dress and shot by Eddie Judd was so pretty! The flowers by Bloomingayles were so gorgeous, so so pretty! I'd like to have an anniversary shoot please with this bouquet, hee hee hee. 

2. LK Bennet Gold Bucket Bag - Spring is around the corner and I am itching for a new handbag. This gold one has a twinkle in my eye. please. pretty please. 

3. Salty Pretzel Earrings - How fun are these marc jacobs earrings!!!

4. Bonjour Clutch  - ooo lala. I am so loving this beaded clutch from Accessorize. 

5. 1st Class Stamp - Photo by Ruth Eileen - So how can I get a print like this in our flat. How? Wouldn't it be PERFECT! 

6. Kate Spade Cocktail Napkins from Quill London  - Perfect for a Friday night in or a cocktail party. Everyone needs to add a little confetti to their daily drink! 

7. Green Pitcher from H&M - WOW! SO I am kind of in love with the H&M home store. This pitcher looks vintage!….nope, it is H&M! 

8. Koya - This was named one of Timeout London's cheap eats and it is up near the top of my must eats. Noodles. Noodles. Noodles. 

9. Peggy Porschen Strawberry Champagne Cupcake - Oh my! I had one of these on Sunday as a big splurge treat. This is heaven. Go get yourself one!!!! 

Hope your Friday is lovely. Make it a bit fancy!!! xoxo - Becca

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