Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Heading off to Paris!…Ideas?

Mr. Beau and I are heading to Paris in three months. We decided to book a trip to the beautiful and romantic city for our one year anniversary {eeekkk, how is that creeping up so soon!}. Both of us have been there a few times on our own, but never before together. I felt pretty fancy and romantic when we booked our weekend for our anniversary in Paris, le sigh. I am so excited to go to Paris for a few days and wander the city, eat, drink, get lost and adventure through the amazing place it is. Both of us have done a lot of the tourist stops before so we are looking 
for any other suggestions anyone may have!
Have you stayed in an Airbnb? Was it awesome? Would you recommend it? Did you stay in any affordable amazing boutique hotels? Seriously any recommendations I would love to hear! 
Any yes, if you have any must have patisseries to stop by, send them my way. I went with my bestie a few years ago and ate pastries three times a day, why not! I wouldn't mind doing that again! 

We may need one stop by the Musee d'Orsay just because, well it is a pretty fabulous museum and hey, I like to pose alongside the statues as well.;) Any interesting shows you have been to? 

I'm bummed to be missing out on Blogtacular this year {are you a blogger? you should go! Sign up HERE!} but I think a weekend in June in Paris with my husband…..I don't think I can beat that any day!

Please let me know any suggestions you have! I would love some. 

xoxo - Rebecca

*images are from a trip to Paris with my bestie over six years ago, my time flies. And wow, I had a lot of high lights in my hair. Love hair stories! xoxo

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