Monday, March 30, 2015

Life: Non Negotiables

Non Negotiables. You are thinking, huh? Well I thought I would write a little personal post today to get away from event planning, wedding, fashion, etc. posts for the day. Recently life has been busy. Yes, I know I mention it often and we all seem to live very busy lives; we have partners, kids, full time jobs, part time jobs, other projects, etc. Once and I awhile I have a wee bit of a breakdown to Mr. Beau about just how much there is to do and how I just need a little more time. The other day I remembered a blog post I read somewhere {I have searched and searched and can not find it!!!} about creating non negotiables in your life. Things that no matter how busy you are, just can not get put to the back. Life is busy and I have realized, you know what, it isn't slowing down. But I have realized also that some things can wait an hour, a day, etc. to make time for the things that I just will not put off in my life…
Time with Mr. Beau {aka, my husband!} and Sir Oliver. I have photo shoots I am planning on the weekend, dates with friends, etc. however no matter what, walks in the park, dinner out and dates with these two I am not pushing to the back. The blog post can wait,but the beautiful Sunday afternoon spent with them can not. 
Time with friends and family. I may live thousands of miles away from my friends and sisters in the States, however, any chance I get with them there or my friends here, I will take! Recently I am taking more time to myself at nights, however a scheduled girlfriend date scheduled in the calendar over the month is something to look forward to. I've scheduled in Monday nights for myself and won't make a date then, but I know that meeting up with my friends always makes me a happier Rebecca! Now I just need to schedule it in a bit more but it is still important in my book.

Catching up with family. In the middle of a busy Saturday afternoon when I'm cleaning, cooking, blogging, etc. I will get a FaceTime notice and heck, who cares about anything else in the world when my little nephew is on the other line! How cute is #ninjamax216, non negotiable. Time out to talk to my family is something important and something I'm never not going to make time to do!
Exercise. Done. In my book no matter how busy life may be, if I do not squeeze in time for a run or a workout I start to get grumpy, tired and upset. Exercising is a non negotiable to me! It is easy to get busy in life and say you do not have time to be head to the the gym class, put it to the front of the list. Whatever you need to do can probably wait an hour so you can exercise. Guaranteed I ALWAYS feel better with a workout then an hour in front of my computer. 
Eating healthy. Yep, sounds silly, but same thing, busy can often make me want to eat quick take away or grab and go items from Pret. I've been REALLY trying to make in effort in taking an hour on a Sunday or the night before and making breakfast to bring with me {overnight oats above are awesome!} or salads to bring to work instead of spending money and eating unhealthy items. 

I know it sounds easy, but it is not. However, trying to put items into your life that are just not negotiable make you hold these things more accountable. At work if you had a meeting you wouldn't just blow it off because you were tired, right? So why blow off your workout you had scheduled all week because a coworker is heading out to drinks? It sounds silly but staying committed to my schedule, my personal diary and things I want to do and find important make it just a bit easier to get through the busy days recently. Should I stay home to write a blog post or take time out to head to Hampstead Heath for a long walk with Mr. Beau and Sir Oliver, well the post will be here….the relaxing walk with them is way more important. 

What would you say in your life is just not negotiable? 

xoxo Rebecca

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