Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Introducing : Glimmer & Threads

I am so excited today to finally share my project I have been working on for quite some time now….. Glimmer & Threads! I know I have been sharing sneak peaks and hints about what exactly my project is for awhile now. Well today I can finally share this little sparkly project with you, yay! 
Introducing my sequin linen, celebration planning and design company. 
Glimmer and Threads  begin when Mr. Beau and I were planning our wedding and I couldn't find sparkly linens anywhere nearby. Sequin linens are quite popular in the States and have become much more easily accessible there, here in the UK, not so much. I knew that so many London brides, planners and florists have mentioned that they would like to use sequin linens for an event, but could not find any in the area. This being said, while we were planning our big day I finally mentioned to Mr. Beau, why don't we just start a small business here in London and use them for our big day as well! We had linens made for our wedding and well, quite a few more. So begins the start of the new adventure. 
 Offering sequin linens throughout London for your special event and also incorporating my background of events and love for styling and planning, I am also offering wedding planning services. I have been planning weddings for awhile now, but this year, 2015, is the year I am fully putting myself out there. I want to start finding the clients that are my style and who fit the Glimmer and Threads brand and family. Newly engaged in London and have a love for a little sparkle? Get in touch…I think we could make a great planning combination! 
 While this is big and exciting, it is also a bit frightening, however it feels so right. It has been years of me dreaming up the beginning of this adventure ahead. While it is so scary to put yourself out on the internet and into the world, I am also filled with so much excitement. I am sure if you are have been reading my blog for years, follow me on social media, have worked with me or are a close friend, you know of my love for a beautifully decorated party! I am finally ready to take what I love and do it in my own.
A HUGE thank you to Mr. Beau! Newlyweds for just over seven months and he puts up with so many of my early morning, late nights, 101 questions. Thank you Mr. Beau for TRULY being my biggest supporter. I love you and love you that you love my addiction to sparkle and are OK with it! Thank you also to the talented Bobbi with Ready to Blog who created my site and has been oh so patient with me over the past almost year. And to oh so many of you I can't even name, my family, my industry friends, my DC girls, my London girls, my Phi girls, all of you, I know I sound like I am winning an Oscar {hey I can dream} but really, without all of you encouraging me to keep going and keep working through it and believing in me, I may have given up a long time ago. I know this is only the beginning of many years of thank you's!

Wish me luck! Please spread the word!
You can follow me on Glimmer & Threads here: Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest

xoxo - Becca

{Photos by :  Kytography & Abby Jiu ...check these ladies out, they are amazing!}


  1. SOO excited for you, Mrs. Becca! Champagne toast for you and all the amazing things to come... xoxo!

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    Thanks for sharing it.

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