Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goals for a New Year : 2015

Happy New Year everyone!!! 2015, another year, a new one ahead full of so many possibilities! I know I may sound cliche, but that is how this year is making me feel, excited. With an amazing year behind full of so much celebrating, I have had a big push for the year ahead. 2014 was full of a major goal of our wedding. I wanted to plan the day of our dreams and make it perfect and enjoy it, and, we did! For this new year ahead, 2015, with my optimistic hat on, I have set a list of goals to accomplish. Some of these are new goals, some of these are goals that I have longed to complete and have decided THIS IS THE YEAR!  Some of my goals are little ones and some are big monster ones. So here I go, deciding that this is the year to make these happen! 
I know you may be hard 2015 and I also know you may be fun, but I think I'm ready….

Save More Money 
Yes, I know, it may sound like a typical goal, however, I am really trying to make my goal of saving more money in the smallest ways. My £5 here at Pret, £10 here at Boots has started to add up! All of those little stops on my way to work get a little pricey at the end of the month. I love to cook and I know it is healthier, so a big goal of mine is to take the time and buy my food at the market and bring my lunch to work. Eat my breakfast again at home! The last year was fun but also hectic and I got into a routine of wake up, gym, shower, run to work, breakfast on the way, that all of that adds up. Not only is it eating out at the small places, also the little impulsive buys. Some earrings at Accessorize, a new Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, some hand lotion, hey, I like to shop, I can't help it. However, with big plans on the year ahead, I am trying to tell myself….do you really need this, really? You would be surprised just how much more money is in your wallet if you ask yourself that every time;) 
More "ME" Time 
I am a social person. I absolutely love making plans with girlfriends and booking our diary with fun activities, however, this is going to change a bit this year. What happens is me and Mr. Beau are so busy during the week, that the weekend comes, we pick up the flat, walk the dog, hang out, then Sunday night rolls around and I freak out that I have nothing done! This year I am giving myself a little more time alone. Both of us are trying to spend more time at home getting projects done and doing things that we want to do. Sometimes saying, no, can you meet up next week, is OK, right? If I planned to go to the gym every Tuesday night, then I should, make it a date with myself. I'm learning quickly that without making anytime for myself, my big goals and dreams will never get accomplished. 

Complete our Flat 
The first year flat project is coming along a little slowly. We love where we live, but with almost being here 2 1/2 years, I am so ready to complete all of my little projects for our home. Curtains need to be hung up, the office complete, etc. etc. I really am making this a goal to make it our home. The home we love walking in the door every night to. Less cluttered and a little bit of us, Mr. & Mrs.! 
Stop The Scroll
I read this post on Hey Gorg's blog and took it to heart. I am not saying I am giving up social media, no, no way. I love following friends, peers and family on Instagram. I feel connected with everyone in the States when I see what they are doing throughout the week, it makes me feel close by! I know that starting a business now, requires being connected via social media and I truly think it is an AMAZING way to do it! However, I do think that sometimes my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook scrolling when I wake up and go to sleep, can be a bit much. My husband comments on it and I as well notice. If I'm having a bad day and I see some blogger post a beautiful styled post I think, "Oh what a great life she has". NO, the truth, lets be honest, we all post what we want to share, not me in my sweats and my absolutely messy office at 5:30am, no! We share what we want and I know that. However, I can tell myself this, but it does leave a little thought always in the back of my head thinking I can be better, I need that, I should do that. Listen, I am a lucky girl and have a happy life, I need to put my phone down on the weekend and live in the moment a bit more. So while I'm not backing away 100%, I am going to make it a goal at least once a month. {You will be seeing more Notes from the Weekend posts on Monday in replace of these.}
START MY OWN BUSINESS {The Biggest Goal of ALL} 
Yes, I said it! It feels amazing and also way scarey to put that out on the worldwide web! Yes, this is the year. I have been dabbling in my own business for a few years now. I plan weddings on the side of my full time day job in event planning, however, after hearing the voice in me get excited talking about and thinking of it all of the time, I know I need to go for it and make it full time. I am starting my own business at the end of the month, Glimmer & Threads, specializing in sequin linen for event hire and will be offering styling and planning services as well. I know that it is going to be a lot of work and I have so many plans for it but I also know I need to take it one step at a time. While I know my end goal of full time self employed will not happen over not and will not be easy, I am ready to give it a try. I planned our wedding to every detail and was so happy at the end. I helped a couple with their big day in October and got the sweetest thank you's that made me light up. Being my own boss, creating my own life is what I feel like I am meant to do. If I can start by offering one service and then add others by time, I know it will get me there. So here you go 2015, the year of making the jump! 

I do not love the word, resolutions. For some reason resolutions makes me feel a bit stressed out and feeling that I need to check off the list quickly, disappointed if the next year comes and I haven't accomplished anything. So cheers to my big list of goals. They make me nervous but excited and I am charged and ready to go! What are your plans for the year ahead? I would love to hear! 

xoxo - Becca

{I have started the GLOW e-book, practical toolkit for dreamcatchers and it is giving me such a good push in the right direction. It is nice to take some time alone and set our dreams and goals on paper! Check out GLOW here}

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  1. You know I have also my goals for this New Year 2015. I am sure I will achieve those, and then I will do a grand party with my friends. I will give them surprise as I will invite them on spot so I will make best arrangements of party with help of a party planner.


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