Tuesday, October 22, 2013

London Lately: Dining Out

I can't believe months have gone by, I've been to some fantastic spots for dinner and I've never shared one with you! Over the next two weeks I'll be posting a few "London Lately's" with some places I have been and things that I love and think you might as well! First up, part one of a few restaurants I've visited that add to my growing list of lovely places in London. The bridal diet is in full effect, I'm working out 4 times a week, tracking my calories, but lets be honest, this girl likes some bubbly, vino and a night out with friends. So indulge yourself once and awhile, I certainly do! 
 I was excited to hear the news that the well known Balthazar restaurant from NYC was opening up here in London. The location in NYC is located just a short walk from where I lived when I was an intern in college. It brings back memories of when my friend Christa and I longingly would walk by and wish the day when we could have brunch there every weekend! Well once I was old enough, and had brunch there, I realized why I longed for it, because its delicious. Welcome to London Balthazar! Located in the heart of the lively Covent Garden, Balthazar is a great spot for brunch, drinks at the fancy schmancy bar or a nice dinner. 
 Beau and I took my parents to Balthazar when they visited a few months back. It was late after we went to a show, and sitting at the bar with some champagne was a lovely way to end the theatre night. If I could have champagne at this bar every night, I would. 

The Grain Store, love this place. The restaurant is located in the quickly expanding Kings Cross area of town. I luckily work across the street from the restaurant, so I had an eye on it throughout its development, I couldn't wait for it to open! The Grain Store is one of Chef Bruno Loubet's restaurant {who also runs Bistro Bruno Loubet in the Zetter Townhouse}. The restaurant is located in the hip, area of Kings Cross, Granary Square {Caravan and Central St. Martins School}.
Most of the dishes at the restaurant are vegetable focused. I had the butternut squash ravioli and they were delicious. 
 Located in the industrial like building of Central St. Martins, Grain Store has been designed as a mix farm tables and industrial. Exposed brick, exposed beams, but modern pieces peeking out here and there. I absolutely adore the look inside of the restaurant. Everything runs into one another, the bar is separate, however you can see into the dining room that is connected to a large open kitchen. 
 Who wants to join me next time for a Death in Venice {Campari with grapefruit bitters topped with Prosecco & an orange twist}? I would stop by any afternoon for one of their cocktails! I'll be back! 
Beau was in charge of planning what we would do for our anniversary/engagement anniversary. When he told me in the morning that we were going to The River Cafe, I squealed with delight {did I just say squealed!}. Yes, I was a bit excited as I had been dying to try it out. I had read a lot and heard about one of the best voted restaurants in London, year after year, multiple times. People had talked about it being hard to get a table or it being very exclusive, well dining there I found relaxed and enjoyable, not posh and stuffy {other then the fancy cars driving away, we took the tube}. 
Definitely a splurge of a restaurant since it is a bit pricey, but I have to be honest, worth ever forkful. Even the bread and olive oil they give you is delish. Located in Fulham {close to our wedding venue!} it is located right next to the river, which makes it a perfect spot for alfresco dining. 
 The menu changes daily and is focused on Italian food. The restaurant was started by Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray who both loved Italian cuisine. Throughout the years the restaurant has had many famous chefs train there, Jamie Oliver being one of them. 
The chocolate nemesis dessert with ice cream and a glass of grappa, oh my goodness, heaven. The cake is a flour less chocolate cake but it is almost half mousse, half cake, add some caramel gelato, o.m.g. You can tell from the picture below, I licked the plate clean!
Bon Appetit everyone! Have you been to any new or old, favorites, budget, any restaurants in London you love?  PLEASE SHARE! 

xoxo - Becca

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  1. great post :) I really need to go there some time!

    xx Vivi


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