Friday, October 4, 2013

I Fancy Friday v.15 : Coquette + Dove {Guest Post}

Happy Friday everyone! I am still on holiday until next week but in the meantime I am excited to share a guest on the blog while I am away! Let me introduce you to a new blog world friend of mine {yes, another virtual connection, but so excited to hopefully meet her soon at Brides Show}. Let me introduce you to this fabulous blogger, Kate from not one but TWO fabulous blogs: Coquette + Dove & The Coquette Bride . This girls got style; she is a makeup artist, graphic designer and a stylist. Full of items that are similar to things I fancy {leopard, Etsy prints, Paper Source, bling} it makes me realize that we seem to have just a BIT in common! 
I will let Kate take it from here to share what she fancies this week....

1. Leopard Print - I'm a big fan of leopard print anything, as far as I'm concerned it's a wardrobe basic alongside crisp white shirts, the perfect dark denim and the LBD. I picked up these pony skin loafers from Next and have been wearing then daily. Comfy and just the right balance of smart and casual, dress down with jeans or dress up with skinny black cigarette pants. 

2.Gold Foil Correspondence Cards - The cards from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, 
sold at Paper Source have become my unofficial personal stationery. I often wear a delicate gold chrysanthemum leaf necklace, and these cards provide the perfectly subtle reminder of who the card is from. Not to mention they come in a really nice pink box!

3. Etsy Print from Clare Elsaesser - I've just moved into a new home after 2 years of glamorous hobo living, and am relishing the opportunity to start from scratch with the decorating. I'll be hanging this gorgeous print from Clare Elsaesser in the bathroom to remind me of the sea that's just on the other side of those rolling green hills outside my window. 

4. Zara Statement Necklace - I'm a big fab of statement necklaces, to the point of obsession! I have quite the collection, but there's always room for one more, right? I recently spotted this Zara creation and I don't think it will be long before it's mine!

5. Happy Cables - I have more iPhone chargers than anyone reasonably needs, but they're always lost, tangled in my work bag/carry on bag/suitcase, or just plain broken (those pesky Apple folk didn't design them to last long in this world!) enter these darling designs from Happy Cables ) (thanks for the tip Laura Caudery! Not only do they come in the most fabulous colours and patterns, but you can also get them extra long so you're not hanging over the edge of the sofa because the charger doesn't quite reach. I'll be stocking up on a couple for myself and a few as Christmas presents for my tech obsessed family.  (I'll also be using these great wallpapers to try and make the ugly new iOS7 look a little nicer! 

6. ASOS Faux-Ostrich Clutch - This faux-ostrich clutch from ASOS is on my current lust list. I love substantial clutches that can hold all the essentials but still fit under your arm, there's something to very chic about the nonchalance of NOT toting a massive 'It bag' around with you everywhere you go. 
Thanks Kate for sharing! As I mentioned, not only does Kate have one blog, she has TWO fabulous sites! Coquette and Dove and The Coquette Bride . Both blogs are quite stylish! The first being a bit more of Kate's personal style and the second focused on the stylish modern bride in a world as Kate says, does not need anymore chair bows or rhinestones!

I hate to copy and paste Kate's about me section word from word, however, I love reading about people's past and found her story fabulous and like me, figuring out the path of what makes us happy...

"A country girl born & raised, I spent my formative years in the restaurant world, first as a pastry chef, and then managing a restaurant, before the draw of the bright lights became too much and I succumbed to the siren call of Foggy London Town. There I became engulfed in the media world, from planning parties on top of Tower Bridge in the dotcom boom to pulling all nighters pitching with some of the UK’s top media agencies.

When it all became too much, I left the world of media and headed to Greasepaint, where I trained as a make up artist in film, tv and theatre. What followed was a whirlwind of wigging at The Old Vic, powdering the noses of rockers and intellectuals and too many wedding ‘up-dos’ to mention. During that time, Coquette + Dove was born, alongside a wedding stationery design business, a freelance graphic design and branding business and the birth of Reverie Magazine.  Busy? Just a bit.
I split my time between Devon, London and far too many other places"

You can find Kate's site on Coquette + Dove bursting with stylish recommendations

Not only does Kate have an eye for style, her posts on Finger Lickin  ideas are fab! Lets not forget she is a trained pastry chef!
Kate's newest adventure is over on the wedding site The Coquette Bride. Speaking from one bride herself who does not want chair covers, ugly card boxes and sequins on everything, Kate is sharing ideas for the modern day fashionable bride.

Kate features new lines from designers as well as inspirations for the bride to be. I'm loving the Coquette Bride!

Thank you Kate for sharing your favourite items you fancy this week!!!!

Find Kate around the web here:
xoxo - Becca


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