Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Soiree Style: A Simple Birthday

I love a good party and I especially love a fun birthday! This month starts a couple months of my bestest girl friends birthday and oh how I wish I could celebrate with them. For some reason I know a lot of August-October birthday girls. As much as I love getting dressed up and celebrating with some sparkle, today I wish I was celebrating with my bestie Brandi in the backyard with a delicious chocolate cake {her favorite} some paper placemats and fun paper flowers....oh and bubbly, but in a can. 
1. Bran LOVES a good chocolate cake, her wedding cake was chocolate chocolate. This perfectly messy frosted cake needs some candles and voila, birthday time! 

2. How cute are these happy birthday paper placemats! What a fun and easy way to decorate for a birthday party! 

3. Every girl needs a birthday headband, right?!?!?

4. Party Popcorn! The perfect to snack on while catching up on hours of chit chat. 

5. Bubbly in a can easy still celebratory but no glasses needed, only a straw. 

6. Simple and pretty paper flowers! These things do not get old to me! Scatter them around your patio table and your party is on its way. 

Brandi, have a WONDERFUL birthday! And to all my girlfriends with birthdays coming up, wish I could celebrate with a simple soiree! HAPPY DAY! 

xoxo- Becca

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