Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Baby Queue for The Royal Prince

Yesterday morning was a muggy, hot, thundering, rainy day here in London. I was heading into work late because I had a late night client appointment ahead of me and thought, why not stop at Buckingham Palace first. Right? Why not! My friend Ann and I thought about not going, why would we, it was just an easel, but come on, we live in London, lets play tourist. For goodness sake, a new Prince was born! So we hopped on the tube and went to Buckingham Palace to celebrate this little new little guy! 
 8:00am and the queue was already about twenty minutes long! We kept laughing at ourselves that we were waiting in line to see an easel with a printed paper on it, but come on, it is history and it was fun. 
 We waited with the guards....
 and were able to read the official announcement the a little baby born was born!
 The media around was fun to see with the Union Jack flags waving around the park. I'm glad we went down! 
{Image from Vogue}
Later on yesterday, a little down the road from the Palace, Kate and William introduced the world to their little guy {as if you may have missed it!}. These pictures are stunning! I thought they seemed like any other adorable young couple with a baby. Kate was glowing {nothing to do with her personal hairstylist stopping by!} and they were happy and sweet to the media. 
{Image from Vogue}
{Image from Vogue}
I love that Prince William drove the family home. The Duchess and her two future kings in a Range Rover. Oh the fun of the royalty! Cheers to the new little Prince! More adventures in London to share I am sure! 

xoxo~ Becca


  1. great news, I like this pair, I wish the baby good health!

  2. I loved this. It must have been so different playing the tourist but at least it was worth it. The new little prince being born is news all over the world. It looks like in some of his pictures he already has the royal wave down. I love that Prince William took his little family home.


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