Friday, July 26, 2013

I Fancy Friday v.12

I had a four day week, I went to Buckingham Palace and saw the official announcement of Baby George, I had a little project featured on a major wedding blog, I enjoyed a night on the park with friends, Beau, Oliver and Pimm's and ready to see the weekend here! Between reading up on Kate, William and George's latest moves, I found a few things I fancy this week, you? Happy Friday! 
1. Ashley Brooke Designs Brilliant Idea Notepad - Love gold foil. Love paper products. Love the little items on Ashley's shop! 

2. Kate Middleton the glowing New Mom - Ok I know that her hairdresser did her hair before taking the picture. I know she had a custom Jenny Packham dress on as well and yes, I know she is holding the heir to the throne of England, however, lets not hate, she looks happy and gorgeous and like a happy new mom! I love seeing Kate and little George! I fancy it! 

3. Sweet Little One - Not only did Kate give birth to an adorable baby boy this week, one of my best girlfriends did as well! I love this line of cards and new little baby Holden might need one!

4. Pink Cocktail Ring - I have no reason for it, but all I know is, I need this big candy like pink cocktail ring! 

5. Brunch in a Box - I was excited to have a little project I did with the help of Laura and Kylee on Wedding Chicks this week! 

6. Striped Shirt  - St. James Breton Shirt. The shirt I've been eyeing for awhile! The stripe is perfect and the buttons are fab as well. Hhmmmm, when I go to Paris in August, I may need this shirt! 

7. Gold Sequin Linen - I have started the design, brainstorm session for our wedding next Summer. A little splash of gold, like these table linens, will be in order! 

What do you Fancy? Happy Friday! 

xoxo - Becca

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