Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Planning Our Wedding: Making Decisions

I know I have been a bit quiet around here on the wedding planning front, well we are back and have gotten the plans rolling, yippee! June 15, 2014, London England, we are getting married! 340 days away. With so much to do but with a good time of planning ahead we are so excited to have gotten some big items checked off the list recently. And so begins our adventure.....

1. Venue - One of the most important things on the wedding list, the venue. Having searched online for weeks and visiting many venues in the area we kept going back to Fulham Palace (image by Emma Duggan) The venue is close to the center of London and also feels like you are in the country side. We couldn't be more excited. I am so ready to start planning the design of the day for me and my beau! 

2. Photographer - After a lot of back and forth with discussions of local photographers and photographers from the States we had a Skype session with the sweet and talented Abby Jiu  and well, it just felt right. I am BEYOND excited to have Abby shooting our wedding after admiring her work for years now. She is based in DC, the city where we met and she will be here to capture the entire weekend which makes me so so happy to have these moments treasured forever by her! YAY! 

3. Checklists - Work has gotten really crazy and busy and we have had a busy Summer with visitors {not complaining! Just busy.} Recently I find myself tired and not wanting to check much off the list, well forget it! Time to start checking things away, getting organized, kicking my butt into shape, enjoying it, all the above and more! A good to-do list makes me feel sane. 

4. Wedding Planner - Yes, I work in the business and plan weddings on my own, however another opinion and a neutral person to guide you and your fiance is well worth it. I will be doing a lot of the planning on my own but am SO grateful to have my good friend, Elizabeth Duncan along with us to be guiding us the right way and help me coordinate all of the details. I have worked with Elizabeth for years and she has become one of my dear friends and well, I am lucky to have her along the way! 

5. Paper- Invites. Save the Dates. Websites. Gifts. Design. YAY! My sister Charity, the amazing graphic designer is going to be doing all of my paper goods and well, this is going to be fun! Let the gold glitter, black and white stripes, shades of pinks and splashes of orange begun! 

While yes, we have a year away, there are lots of details to get done and I have been dreaming of Beau's and my day for years now. I know it will be beautiful and magical and I can not wait. Cheers to planning! 

xoxo - Rebecca


  1. So happy for you!, can feel your joy and ecxcitement through reading your blog, looking forward to reading more : )

  2. Becca this is all SO exciting!!
    Sounds like you are very organised:)
    Happy planning, love the sound of the colour scheme in point 5!
    Lulu x

  3. Rebecca, you are on the ball! So fun reading how you are putting it all together, and I love your colors soooooooo Becca! Pam


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