Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Royal Baby on the Way

With all of the media and talk about the arrival of the Royal Baby, I couldn't help but share these pictures that photographer Alison Jackson captured of Kate Middleton's imaginary baby shower and her imaginary baby shoot with the royal family. The news is everywhere! The papers and news have a countdown of when the baby will be due, Camilla opened her mouth and said the baby would arrive this week. Yep, London has Royal Baby Fever. 
 Can you imagine! How awesome would this baby shower be!!!! Being an American all the British find it amusing how interested we are in the royals, probably because we do not have any royalty of our own, so we kind of adopted theirs. I did for all, have a royal wedding party;) Even though I may find it all fun and interesting, I am AMAZED at the fascination of the baby. Stores are selling Keep Calm, its a Royal Baby mugs? It is quite interesting but all the same, super fun. I would love to see pictures of Queen Elizabeth with the little one like below!

hee hee. I find these pictures pretty awesome! Who knows, will Will and Kate ever get to stroll alone in Kensington Park with the royal bebe? hhmmm. Until then, the media and everyone waits for the announcement from the palace. Cheers! 

{both articles can be seen here and here

xoxo~ Becca 


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  2. Ha ha, I love these Becca!!
    Made my morning :)
    Lulu x


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