Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Playing Tourist

Good morning! Well as you can tell around here, I've been busy, MIA, not blogging, gone. My parents were visiting this past week and between having fun playing tourist with them and squeezing in busy work, I have not sat down in front of my computer for days. We had SUCH a great time with our parents and now I can't face reality of having to get back to the normal day to day, ugh.
 I'm dreaming of running away to an island with Beau and spending the day at the spa, but for now I will be at my desk all week. I am still in the process of visa land, unable to leave the country. It was so great for them to come and visit as I have been missing my friends and family from the States a little more recently. I joke all the time I want to hop on a plane and escape, but hey, I'm stuck on this island. The big island, England. 
 Days spent walking around parks, eating at pubs, going to a show {War Horse was AMAZING!}, shopping for wedding dresses, looking at our wedding venue, exploring the markets, having dinners with Beau and my parents, it was just a really nice trip! Having my parents here in our flat for a week was such a nice reminder of just how great they are. I believe it is true, in a family relationship, a friendship or a romantic relationship, absence does make the heart grow fonder. 
 Tower of London. Buckingham Palace. Big Ben. Portrait Gallery. The David Bowie exhibit at the V&A, gosh we did a lot! 
awww, such a nice visit with mom and dad!
 Beau and I took our parents to Fulham Palace, wedding venue and were so lucky to have a gorgeous day to show them the venue! Now if only in one year it will be like this. Yes, that is correct. ONE YEAR from this past weekend....we are getting married!!!!
Cheers to a fabulous week of exploring and playing tourist in our city. Now its back to work. I'm tired already. Boo. I need a vacation from the tourist vacation.

xoxo ~ Becca

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