Friday, June 7, 2013

British English & American English

I thought this post would be fitting since my parents are visiting tomorrow and might like a little American English vs. British English basics. Correct, I live in England, they speak the same language I was born and raised speaking. English. Well kind of. 

It is always funny at work when someone says something and I think, hmmmm? What are they are talking about it? There are the smallest words that are different in the States vs. England. I love when someone will say, "Oh the American way to say it." and I think, no, the normal way to say it. So I have started to call it the British English way and the American English way. We may both speak the same written language, but there are many words that are quite different. I put together a little list of differences of my favorites! 

The English Way           The American Way 

Braces                             Suspenders
Pop Socks                        Knee Highs 
Lift                                 Elevator
 Cheers!                           Thank You / Hi
Trainers                        Sneakers
Aubergine                  Eggplant
Courgettes                Zucchini
Rubbish                      Trash
              Queue                            Waiting in the Line
Bill                             Check
Biscuit                       Cookie/Cracker
Flat                                Apartment
Chips                         French Fries
Crisps                        Potato Chips
                            Corn Flour                  Corn Starch {not suitable to make tortillas}
Diary                        Day Planner / Calendar
First Floor                   2nd Floor
Jumper                        Sweater
Football                     Soccer
Hen Party                 Bachelorette Party
Stag Party                 Bachelor Party
Holiday                        Vacation
Ice Lolly                      Popsicle
Mobile                          Cell Phone
        Pram                          Baby Carriage/Stroller
Takaway                    To Go
Wardrobe                   Closet
Fancy                         I like It!
Knackered                   Tired

I feel like when the pilgrims moved to America they rebelled and said "NO MORE AUBERGINE! We will call it eggplant!" haha. Us Americans think what we say is correct and the Brits think what they say is correct, and it is, each to their own {like my gramie says!}. I have adapted a few words in the British Way, but hey, I will always love my sneaks, a good cookie and may never comfortable saying Cheers! to someone instead of Thank You when they open the door:) 

Any fun differences you have seen, please share in the comments below! 

xoxo~ Becca


  1. Courgettes really threw me off! I was looking for zucchini for a while before I figured it out! (Those things kind of look like zucchini.. but no they're something else called courgettes.. hm, I wonder what that is..)

  2. Great list! I love the word gutted for being devastated. I love all the different terminology and like you I have added some to my vocabulary while others just don't seem fitting. Perhaps the longer I live here the more it will seep into my brain and become my "new normal" talk. I tried Cheers out the other day and giggled to myself afterward.


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