Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee Links

Good morning! As usual, how is it MONDAY morning! Two day weekends are not working for me recently, I need three days please. I have been waking up Monday mornings tired, grumpy and already looking forward to the weekend ahead. We had such a nice quiet relaxing weekend that I am longing its back soon enough! Grabbing a cup of coffee and reading through some fun links will hopefully start my week of right. Happy Monday everyone! 

After seeing Camille's pictures from the Aspen Food & Wine festival I have decided, I MUST go there as a girlfriend trip some day. A weekend of wine, food, beautiful environment, yes please!

Recently I feel like my list of 101 things to do has grown to 201 and with a year ahead of wedding planning will be 301, eeekkk, just so much to do! This article was interesting in getting me to think how to manage my stress. 

How gorgeous is this DC wedding shot by Abby Jiu and planned by the Ritzy Bee ladies. I am LOVING the image of the bride in the car here. 

Big Sales in London right now and I am DYING for this little spotted jacket. You may recognize the coat version Kate wore;) 

We are thinking of inviting some friends over for Mexican night soon and I think these will be cooked in our kitchen!

I just discovered this UK food photographer and am obsessed with making this chocolate beetroot cake! 

I would like these gold tables with black and white table runners at our wedding please. Thank you. 

I made this salad this weekend, it is delicious. Easy. Yummy. What more can I say! 

I miss my girlfriends in the States. I want to duplicate this party and invite them all over. I can dream right. Bridal shower? Bachelorette weekend???

xoxo ~ Becca


  1. Oh my goodness, that chocolate, beetroot cake! I repinned that from you and hadn't really looked at it until today--yum! And even more amazing is the photographer! Would love to be a fly on the wall for some of his shoots! xo

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