Wednesday, February 20, 2013

London Wedding Shows

In the next few weeks there are a lot of great wedding shows happening in London. Spring time is usually full of brides planning their wedding, couples were newly engaged over the holiday season and are looking for venues and ideas for their upcoming weddings, so yes,  the perfect time to host a wedding show. I will be honest, the idea of a wedding "show" kind of freaks me out. I think of 80's like wedding fairs with cheesy vendors, tulle bunched on the table, with old school planners and just out of date things happenings. Well, luckily.....things have changed! Here are two shows that I am excited to attend in the next few weeks: 
The London Wedding Emporium looks exactly like my kind of show! The show will be March 2nd and March 3rd and you can buy tickets here. After moving to London in September, newly engaged myself, I have spent hours researching vendors and venues for Beau's and my June 2014 wedding. Shows like the Cream event in the States have done an amazing job at bringing together designers and planners that have great design like minds and who are crazy fun and crazy creative, I am hoping that the Wedding Emporium does as well! The London Wedding Emporium certainly doesn't look like your old school wedding fair with boring booths and pamphlets being handed out. I am really excited to attend. I hope to see you there! 
The National Wedding Show takes place in London beginning this Friday, February 22 - Sunday, February 24. It is funny that I even mention both shows in the same post, because one is a HUGE wedding show, however, I have heard great things about the show and I think it can be a great resource if you are looking for a venue in the area or a bridal boutique to make an appointment. I am not expecting the small intimate space like the Wedding Emporium but it seems like The National Wedding Show will have a huge variety of vendors, it should be a great place to start your planning! 

Tweet Me if you are around! I would love to say hi. Happy Planning! xoxo ~Becca


  1. Wedding shows scare me too! I feel like I would be attacked by cheesy vendors and overwhelmed with too much "trying too hard." Unfortunately I was away from Atlanta this weekend but the local indie craft group put on what sounded like an amaaaaazing wedding show that was much more our speed: Good luck with all your planning!

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