Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girls Night IN

Beau was out of town last weekend skiing with some friends, so I decided to throw a little Girls Night IN party at our flat. I have been meeting some really great girls, both British and American, and thought, why not have a little party to mix it all up! A reason to entertain....I love it! The problem is when I throw a little get together, I can't seem to just throw some hummus and cheese on the table, I love entertaining that I tend to go a little overboard, ooops. I knew I would be at work all week, with little time to prepare, so I used some simple ingredients and told everyone to bring one bottle of bubbles for the bubbly bar. Voila, a fun and easy Girls Night IN! 

You may have seen my Instagram feed, it started with some pretty cocktails and ended with many bottles of empty bottles, signs of a good night! 
I made some easy crostinis, two of my favorites are Ricotta & Asparagus and Brie, Truffle Oil and Strawberries {I replace the basil with truffle oil}. Both recipes are simple and delicious,
 crowd pleasers for sure!

An easy bar set up that is always a huge hit, a prosecco cart! I had all of the girls bring a bottle of bubbly and I set up a mix of ingredients for girls to create their own cocktails. I set out: strawberries, blueberries, lemon, rosemary, mint, basil, elderflower syrup, lemonade, cherry juice and pomegranate juice. I love to jazz up a nice glass of fizz and so did everyone else!
 I made a quick bottle of basil simple syrup which I think is a delicious add in to a strawberry basil prosecco cocktail! One cup of sugar and one cup of water, add in some fresh basil and let it simmer to half the amount of liquid. I let mine sit over night to infuse the Basil and keep it in the fridge to add to an interesting drink after the night, its amazing in bubbly or a glass of lemonade. 
 I added a bowl of truffle almonds to the table as well. Still on my Paleo diet {cheated a bit this weekend but still down a pound!}, adding in some nuts is a great healthy nibble and with the truffle oil adds a bit of fancy!
For sweets I bought pre made brownie bites and valentines marshmallows and displayed them in a pretty bowl, because lets be honest, no matter if you are watching your weight or not, after a glass of bubbly and talking to friends, a little sweet is perfect! 

I hope you plan a Girls Night In soon and use some of these easy recipes. Girls Night's In are even more fun then spending tons of money out at the new restaurant in the city. I am so glad I am finally starting to meet friends and feel like London is home! I can not wait for more nights like this! 


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  1. This looks fab - very different to my usual girls nights in - must try harder!


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