Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I love my Wellies!

I am sure you have heard of Hunter boots before, even if you do not live in rainy, muddy England. A one time boot that Royalty wore at their countryside home while out for a walk with their hounds is now on every girls foot from London to L.A. Having a dog and living here in rainy London requires a lot of early morning walks in the muddy park. I couldn't have thought of a better Christmas gift for Beau to get me then my shiny black Hunters! They were long overdue and I'm absolutely loving running around in the muddy fields with warm, dry feet and fashionable shiny shoes! Hunter Boots

Farmers, Royalty, the IT girl, the Super Model, you see everyone rocking their Hunter wellies now a days! The boots were once made only in Green rubber and now come in heels, wedges, quilted, shiny, and the list goes on! The Hunter boots may be a bit more pricier then a pair of wellies from Tarjay, but hey, they are worth it!
 Picture below is from this past week in Hamsptead Heath. Now with my Hunters, nothing will keep me out of the mud! Hhhhmm, if I got married in England, maybe a pair under my wedding dress, hahaha. 
LOVE them! Coming to visit us in London, Hunters.....very much suggested;) 


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