Monday, October 17, 2011

Celebrity Fashionistas: Kohl's

Who knew that Kohl's had some adorable items right now. Who knew that two celebrities were behind the cute items! I will be honest, I am not a big Kohl's shopper. There is not a store right near my house so I tend to see things in magazines and then think, do I really want to drive there? Well, this weekend after seeing some pieces online, I may have to venture out for a thirty minute drive to my nearest Kohl's. Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Lopez have two lines at the department store and I am loving some of the pieces!

Adorable Lauren Conrad, yep, I think she is adorable in her California girl ways. Her line for Kohl's is so girly and affordable, how can you not like it!

This little butterfly shirt and dark jeans, is so sweet, and it is cuter because the shirt is less then $40!

Her jewelry line has these sweet bow bracelets that would look so pretty stacked in layers.

The oh so stylish pleated skirt could be worn with heels or even a tank and flip-flops.
I love the color palette of pinks and nude toned items she has included.

Isn't this such a pretty like pink shirt for bed.

I really love her girly dresses with ruffles!

This bow ring, please send to me soon, it has an empty hand waiting for it right now. Check out her whole line here.

J.Lo has a stylish, glamorous line also! At first when I heard it, I thought, right. Well I have to say that some of the pieces are pretty fabulous. When I saw this spread in Oprah's magazine I really wanted to run out and buy this glittery top.

Would you guess that her top is less then $100? If I had seen this picture and didn't know, I would have guessed her shirt was designer and was maybe, $1,000.

This purse looks expensive. I am interested to see it in person. The quilted leather with the gold strap could be a nice piece for this fall.

At the moment in Florida we still have weather in the high 80's. However, for all of your northeast friends, isn't this trench coat pretty with with the puffy shoulders.

Who knew, Kohl's! I have to plan a trip soon!


{J.Lo photo by Chris Craymer, LC Lauren Conrad & Jennifer Lopez Collection clothing images from Kohl's}

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