Monday, March 7, 2011

What a proposal!

I saw this post on Green Wedding Shoes blog and I had to share the love! This adorable couple, Laren and Courtney, had an anniversary photo shoot that was so beautiful. I love that couples are taking anniversary photos now. Why not? There should always be a reason for a beautiful photo shoot.

So yes, the anniversary pictures were sweet {I especially love the one above where Courtney is blowing the glitter and looking like she is making a wish!} however, check out Laren's engagement video he made for Courtney. Get a tissue for happy tears that may come to your eyes. Laren created this video and got it played during one of the films that Courtney went to see at the Austin Film Festival and was able to sneak it in. It is so creative and beautiful and sweet and special and well, I could go on. I can't imagine getting this as a wedding proposal. It is beautiful! I'm a hopeless romantic, I love it! What a document of their love!


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