Friday, March 11, 2011


That's about all I want to do today.... a little dance! The days this week have gone by so slow and I'm excited to see Friday come! Here's what I'll be browsing online throughout the weekend.

I'm feeling a little crafty. How cute are these trays, the directions seem so simple, they would be great trays by the pool.

I would LOVE to use these runners for a dinner party or an event for work. I like even more that they are handmade. Handmade mod cloths are a great idea.

If you haven't checked out this site yet, click on it now! Antiquaria sells vintage find that you often can not find online. I have been tempted to put a few of the vintage napkins and tablecloths in my shopping card.

I will be heading to Target Sunday morning to check out the GO International Designer line of new dresses.

Check out the fringe post on Camille Styles this weekend. click here With so many bridal showers and baby showers this Summer, I am a little inspired by the fringe.

The new version of Lonny Mag has launched. Grab yourself a glass of vino, turn your computers on and enjoy the browsing here.

Happy Weekend everybody!

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