Monday, November 15, 2010

Wynwood Art District - 2nd Saturday

This weekend Beau and I went to Miami for a night out in the Art District. The second Saturday of every month all of the galleries in the Wynwood Art District stay open until 10pm. Some of the galleries offer wine, snacks and sweets. It was nice to be out and about looking at art and browsing through stores with my beau.

I loved watching through the window as the artist sketched this dancer.
Beau and browsed through this outdoor furniture store. AMAZING items, maybe some day we will be able to afford the $4,000.00 outside lounge chair that I fell in love with. Or how about this amazing outdoor, bath, gorgeous. My oh my.
Isn't this art sculpture of paint, brushes and models neat?
I liked these pretty paintings, they kind of reminded me of pretty flowers.
I had to stop in this store and check out these fun dog lamps. If I can't get a real dog maybe I can get a lamp?
It might have been wine in a plastic cup but it was fun to walk around the streets drinking vino and looking through stores and galleries.
Loved the yellow painting behind the bar. I could put that in my living room for sure.

I'm looking forward to heading back in a few months. There are some great stores there, Jonathon Adler, Waterworks, Marimekko....Christian Louboutin..... maybe some day I can get my own shoe art:)


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