Monday, November 1, 2010

i am LOVE

This weekend I rented I Am Love. I had read about this movie numerous times over the summer but had never seen it in the theatre around me and almost forgot about it. Last week in San Francisco my sister Charity was raving about the movie, beautiful sets, clothing, story, etc. and I had to see it. The movie tells the story of the wealthy Recchi family, a beautiful family in Milan.

The family is a Milanese textile family that has a lot of changes occurring: the patriarch of the family passes away, a daughter has a huge secret, a son gets married, the mother begins a crazy love affair with a chef. The movie is taped beautifully and the sets and costumes are rich. The scene of the birthday party in the courtyard makes me want to have a beautiful party under the stars.
Tilda Swinton plays an amazing tole as the mother. With her Hermes bag and Italian clothing she looks so stylish through out the film. The family's house in the middle of Milan is amazing! Check out the beautiful dining room that is so simply elegant.
I have wanted to purchase these glasses for years from Anthropologie. How beautiful would they look at a formal Italian dining room like the dinner above.

This set from Design Sponge describes Tilda Swinton's style throughout the entire movie perfectly....well that is until she meets the chef! The prawn scene, well, you will need to see it.

Well worth a watch, I am Love.


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