Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Royally Engaged

I have a pink Juicy Couture tshirt that says "Prince William is a Fox". I use to wear it out in college and it was a great conversation piece and yes....I really did think, well, maybe, I could be William's Princess (hee hee hee hee). Well ladies, the time has come, Prince William is off the market. Kate Middleton and Prince William are getting married! How sweet and happy do they look!

The fact that Kate is wearing Princess Diana's engagement ring is pretty amazing. I am sure Kate looks at Princess Diana just like I did when I was a little girl, as well, a Princess, an icon, however she just so happened to be her fiances mother. Wow, it is absolutely gorgeous, but I wonder if she also looks at her hand and thinks "I'm wearing the family jewels". I like how Prince William describes him thinking he would lose it before proposing, "I would be in a ALOT of trouble!" Um, yes. But I also loves how he says he had a super romantic proposal, sweeeet.
I mean really, how cute is she! I feel like she is just beaming!
Do you think their wedding will be a big Fairytale Celebration like Princess Diana's? Will Kate wear Vera, Carolina, Monique, I wonder? Do you think she will hire a planner or I am guessing that Buckingham Palace has a royal wedding planner, now that sounds like my dream job!

Ooooo, I love her hat in the picture below. Wow, they had been engaged for weeks and couldn't tell anybody. That's not easy, especially since well they are the next royal couple.
I remember my sisters and I had these Princess Diana paperdolls. I wonder if Kate will get her on paper dolls? Gosh, these bring back memories! Maybe that is where my slight royal obsession came from. Funny.

Really! I think I need a Kate & William teacup set!
Have an extra 15 minutes I have to say, watch the full engagement interview below. It's really sweet. I love how William says they have a good giggle, so cute. They just seem happily and love but also, sweet Kate, so nervous and no idea whats ahead. Good luck and congrats to the happy couple!

xoxo~ Becca

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