Saturday, September 26, 2009

what to wear in florida?

I have an interview on Monday close to Miami.....what do I wear? My "moving" budget does not allow me to go out and splurge and buy something new. It's hot and I AM NOT wearing a suit. I feel like the job I am looking at would not want a person in a buttoned up business suit.

Remember the episode in Season Four where Carrie wore the awesome Vivienne Westwood suit, well I do! Oh she looked AMAZING when she walked into Vogue. Well, I may not be wearing designer but JCrew and Banana will have to impress;)

So what do you Jcrew ruffle blouse, Banana cuffed pants, Cole Haan peep toe shoes (yes, I have a nicely polished pedicure) and a patent leather bag? Well, it will have to do! I'll update you on Tuesday!

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