Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The September Issue

VOGUE! sigh. Oh I have been reading the fashion bible since I was a teenager. I love to take an entire morning to read the hundreds of pages and dream about the beautiful clothing over a cup (or a pot, depending on the size of the issue) of coffee. It always excites me to get a new months issue in my mailbox!

In college I had an internship at the Conde Naste Cafe . The cafe is located in the building where Vogue also resides. My job was not very glamorous. I would wake up really early to set up the cafe, plan menus, listening to customers comments, etc. The exciting part of the job was watching what the Vogue girls, the Lucky girls, the Glamour girls, the Vanity Fair girls ate and wore to the "scene & be scene" lunch cafeteria. I always remember watching Anna Wintour eat the same thing day after, very Atkins lunch, in a beautiful floral skirt and a simple white tshirt. I was so intrigued and wish that my internship had been upstairs in their offices:) At least I got free magazines that summer!

Last week I saw The September Issue. I thought it was a fabulous documentary. It is so interesting to see how much work it takes to put together one issue, just one, of Vogue magazine. The largest Fall fashion magazine takes hundreds of people to put it on the newsstand. Anna Wintour is an interesting business woman. I liked seeing her at home with her daughter and talk about her childhood. She does seem to be a bit of a cold person, but most everybody around her always seems to take her opinion. I mean come on, she is Anna Wintour.

The starring lady I found was not Miss Wintour but Grace Coddington, Vogue's Creative Director. Grace's story of being a model, getting in an accident and then working her way up the ladder from British Vogue to American Vogue was wonderful. Grace has quite the spirit! Her flaming red hair is always present in amazing photo shoots. I felt like she was a genuine person who puts an extremely creative mind into every single photo shoot. Like I said, amazing to see the effort behind a few pages in a magazine. However, those few pages influence millions of people and what we purchase and wear.

Go see it! I loved it. I can't say much more.


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