Thursday, September 3, 2009

objects of desire

Yesterday I got home from Jury Duty and had a fabulous, wonderful, amazing Jcrew catalog in my mail. The lovely accessories catalog they sent out is absolutely fabulous. I want the whole thing. Everything this Fall from Jcrew is on my dream list! Jewelery, purses, matchstick cords, heels, sweaters....I am dreaming of all of it! Below is my wish list that I created on Polyvore (a new obsession!).

I love all of the grey with punches of pink! I can't wait to bundle up in a ruffly sweater, a skinny pink belt, dangly earrings and maybe those neon pink socks to top it off. I might be living in sunny Florida in November, still wearing flip flops and sundresses when everybody is sporting their new Fall outfits. Oh no, I better break out my Fall attire and start wearing them! hhhmmm, do they items below fit in my budget? At least I can imagine!:)

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