Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer List

So this weekend is Memorial Day, the unofficial start to Summer. Time just seems to fly by month after month! So with the start to Summer there are a few things I have decided I MUST accomplish. With all of my changes in the past two months and many on the horizon I would love to have a full Summer of fun, doing some things I have been wanting to do! 

{Photo by Gabor Jurina}

1. Weekly walk on the beach with Beau and Sir Oliver. 
2. More dining Al Fresco in our backyard. 
3. The weight MUST come off, no if ands or buts, no way. I must lose weight before September!!!! I know it sounds silly but it is top on the list. I've been saying it for two years. 
4. A trip to my parents in Virginia. 
5. A get together with my college besties, whether at the beach, the city or one of our houses. 
6. A re do on the blog!
7. More blogging on and DIY's on Floridian Weddings
8. Riding my pink beach cruiser a little more! 
9. More time in the sun in my backyard! 
10.....relaxing a little bit more and not being glued to my computer. 

Yes, there are about 101 things I would like to add to this list, but with tons of things to get done, these are on the top. Oh ya, did I mention I would like to get to Orlando for the day and make a trip to Hogwarts;) What are you up to this Holiday weekend? I know I have lots of posts from my trip abroad to post but for today, I'm shutting off and signing off. Happy Saturday!!!! Enjoy the weekend. 



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  2. I love a good list.. hope you check every single one off! Good Luck!


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