Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Weekend through Instagram

I was home this weekend and I actually closed my computer and stepped away! Every morning I would wake up and say, "Ok, today I am going to get three hours of work done" but then a friend would text me to sit by the pool, grab lunch or relax. I thought, why not! So with Beau working over the weekend, I found a lot of ME time, and actually enjoyed it. 

Photos Clockwise: 

1. Gave myself a manicure with all three colors, my nails are pink and sparkly now!

2. Went to the park with Sir Oliver, he seemed to want to rest and take lots of breaks. 

3. Oliver had a pool play date at my house. Jillian and I sat in the sun and these two guys ran around. 

4. I worked at a wedding in Palm Beach at the Ritz Carlton, really pretty. This is a little part of the escort card set up. The hotel is LOVELY, and it turned out so nice. 

5. Made a new cocktail, a Basil Lime Gimlet. I will be featuring the recipe later this week. 

I hope you also found time to relax and indulge in silly things like making cocktails and playing with your puppy! Here is too a good week ahead! 


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