Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Cake! The Dogs!

Today was the wedding I blogged about last week. The cake was delivered from NYC and was amazing! The flowers were gorgeous! I now truly understand the reason why Sylvia Weinstock is the "cake lady". The grooms cake was also, amazing. The cake was from Charm City Cakes (the well known Ace of Cakes team) and was shaped like a Maserti. The details in these cakes excites and amazes me. I have always thought of going to pastry school just to learn the skill, these cakes totally inspired me:)

I saw this post on Ritzy Bee's Blog and had to share it with. How amazing is this grooms cake, the Iphone! I fell in love with it. And I love the story of the bride's birthday cake. Maybe beau and I will have a windmill from Holland on our cake some day like in the photo, hee hee.

....I had to share a few pictures with you from the wedding set up today. The cake, yes, the placed a bride & groom smurf on the top! The tastings of the mojitos and lots of dogs pics. The bride, Tiwi's, dogs were too cute! I kind of want one now.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding! xoxo

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