Wednesday, June 17, 2009

But they are on SALE!


Wednesday, middle of the week, ready for the weekend to come!


I'm daydreaming....surfing the web....a little too much! Oh my, I know, ya riiiiiight! But they are on sale. haha. My fabulous coworker Pam and I were dreaming of a pair of red soled shoes last week and came upon this sale! Riggggghhht, my beau REALLY would die if he realized how much I spent (as well as I might, but totally still love them). But they are quite fabulous, pink Loubuitions! I have also been stalking these shoes on Anthropologie. Please go on sale! I know they are a bit inpractical, but since when have I cared about practical shoes? I picture myself strolling around Palm Beach in these fun flower shoes. They are so fun. Are there any shoes you are dreaming of? 

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