Monday, August 22, 2016

A Personalized Gift

I have a thing with personalized gifts. Monogrammed presents for newly married friends, birthday presents with friends initials on them, anniversary and engagement gifts with names on them and especially recently, gifts with a little ones name on it. Isn't there something so sweet and special about receiving a gift that is custom to you! It is such a lovely little surprise. Recently I discovered some of these goodies over on the fabulous site Uncommon Goods where they have a huge range of personalized items created by artists all over the world. From personalized books, jewelry, maps, prints and so many other options, I wanted to share a few of my favorites from Uncommon Goods.  

Baby Gifts 

1. How amazing is this Coat of Arms that you can personalize the zodiac sign, weight, date of birth, parents. It is truly a sweet keepsake and I would love to hang this up in the nursery. 

2. My Alphabet Book is beautiful. Your child's name gets incorporated into the alphabet and it is illustrated beautifully. 

3. This personalized Baby Pillow is adorable, right? The name of the baby and the birth date is sewn on and would make a perfect gift for new parents. 

4. I think this Astrology Locket would be such a beautiful gift for a new mom. Her baby's astrology sign outside with a photo of her little one inside would be a timeless keepsake.

5. Since American football is starting up again, what a better time then to give the sports fans parents a personalized football jersey onesie! Too cute! 

6. Even though I have hundreds of photos on my phone and we Instagram and Facebook daily, with a new baby's arrival I think there is something nice about printing out actual photos. How about printing out photos of the baby for new parents and tucking them all in a personalized baby photo album. 

Personalized Gifts 
1. How amazing is this Silhouette Tote Bag to give to parents or grandparents! Such a great gift. 

2. A Custom State Necklace to someone who is moving or has loved the city they live in for such a long time. Marking where you live and showing your love can be such a nice present. 

3. I absolutely love these  Hand Embroidered State Pillows and it is a gift you would rarely buy yourself. Maybe you have lived in a few spots and it tells the story of who you are, get a few pillows! 

4. What a cool birthday gift, New York Times Custom Birthday Book . This book will have every front page until their current birthday enclosed, love it. 

5. How about this fun Zip Code Lumbar Pillow as a gift. Its stylish and funky. 

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts

1. If your friends love to travel the world together, what a great gift to give! A Wedding & Anniversary Pushpin Map  where they can mark their trips together for years to come. 

2. I love this Personalized Faux Bois Vase that will be great to have for years to come with their initials on the "tree" vase. 

3. Friday night game night in? How about a little Connect 4 but with a Personalized Hearts Four Across Game ! So fun. 

4. This plate could be perfect for their wedding day, used when they cut the cake or for their first anniversary and every one to come after.  Heart Anniversary Plate 

5. A great gift for an engagement. I know because my friend got me one and I loved it. Perfect for the couple who has been doing long distance or who is having a destination wedding. Love Will Find A Way Personalized Art 

6. How cool is this? A Sound Wave Art that draws out the sound of "i do", cute! 

You can find more Baby Gifts, Personalized Gifts and Wedding & Anniversary Gifts here from Uncommon Goods. Happy shopping! I have no doubt that whomever you are buying a gift for, will just love their extra special and thoughtful gift with a little bit of personal touch. 

xoxo - Becca

*this post has been sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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