Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Babymoon in Greece

The word babymoon is a newer thing and some people hate it, some people love it. Mr. Beau and I have discussed a lot that just because we are having a baby, our life is not ending and it will not be the last time we ever get to take a holiday alone. However, we both do know that our life is ready to change in a big way and it won't be as easy to take a holiday alone. So back in December when I found out I was pregnant, it was the middle of dark and chilly days here in London and I had him promise to me that before baby arrived, we would go on a holiday, just the two of us, somewhere with a beach, hot, sunny and relaxing.....OK, this is exactly what you describe as, a babymoon. Throughout my pregnancy we both had a crazy busy work schedule and we moved flat, so mid June we found a cute place in Greece and packed our bags for a few days by the water, and it was perfect. Our baby moon in Greece....
{yep, thats me and my very big seven month bump with my bikini and cover up from Accessorize. Finding cute maternity swimwear that doesn't cost a fortune, not easy. Hmmmm enough about that, how great is that wall!} 

Criteria for our get away were a few things. We didn't want to spend a fortune. We wanted to go somewhere the flight would be less then four hours. It had to be sunny and a beach close by. The last thing was, there had to be little to do. Funny right? But it was true. We so often are busy busy when we are here in London and we wanted to just read and eat and relax and that was it. After having my heart set on Santorini, I decided that the millions of steps throughout the island were probably not so great for a seven month pregnant lady. Not only that but the amazing cave homes did not have a beach within a short walking distance. So after a lot of searching I stumbled upon this wonderful spot, Ekies All Senses Resort, and absolutely loved it. It was rated one of Conde Nast Traveller's Best European Beach Resorts. I thought for sure it would be out of our price range, but shockingly it was affordable and less then a four hour flight from London. You fly into Thessaloniki direct and we then rented a car with a very easy hour and a half drive to Vourvourou Bay in the North East area of Greece. Being seven months pregnant I was worried about a big journey and this was super easy. 

 The decor throughout the 69 room resort is simple but stylish. I could have sat outside on the pillow covered patio furniture all day. The restaurant that serves an amazing breakfast but also a delicious dinner is a mix of Tom Dixon gold light fixtures, marble tabletop and garden style chairs, I loved it! You can read more about the design over here
There were blooming flower bushes all over the resort with sun coming in and I just couldn't get enough of it! 
 We ate breakfast daily at the hotel and well, I ate like a happy expecting mama. Bowls of yummy yogurt that I drizzled with local flavoured olive oils. Lavender, pine, rosemary, mixed with honey, it was delicious. Sitting by the beach with a homemade Greek donut was something I got very use to! The one thing that the hotel did not have was decaffeinated coffee, so for a pregnant woman I was a bit bummed and brought my own with me every morning, but that would be a little suggestion counting that I saw multiple expectant moms at the resort. 
After a really exhausting morning breakfast we usually found ourselves chairs and an umbrella and camped out by the beach for many hours. The hammock in the ocean was my favorite, completely relaxing! {I SWORE I would never share pictures of my naked belly, well this is it, me in the hammock, soaking in every second of sun I could}. 

I do like to mention that the resort had a lot of young families, so it was not a couples only, quiet hotel. However, we were never bothered by the kids, maybe because we have one on the way, but really, they were all pretty well behaved kids with younger families and in the afternoon most of the kids would clear out for nap time. I think we would even go back with our little one, it was a great spot. The ocean off the beach itself was perfect because it was super shallow and you could swim out quite far which was beyond relaxing for a lady with a big belly. 
 One day we decided to rent a boat and Mr. Beau was the captain. It was an easy ride around the island and we would pull the boat right up to the small coves and swim for awhile. The Blue Lagoon above was the busiest but one of the best spots for a sunny afternoon. The water was beyond clear and a perfect contrast to the very local beach we found around the next cove as you can see below. 
Room wise we got lucky. The first night we stayed in a standard double, simple and very white and airy. How cute was the couch/bed below all in blue and white dots! The next few nights we were nicely upgraded to the White Suite that had an outdoor jacuzzi and a couch area that I could have taken a nap on for hours, it was a great room. The resort has a huge mix of rooms including a few with private pools. 
The White Suite had a large comfy bed all surrounded by netting that I felt super tranquil sleeping in compared our flat in the city. 
The pool at night time reminded me of a little Alice In Wonderland shot.  Aren't the umbrellas  really cute. 
Regarding where to eat, we ate at the hotel every night except two. The resort has a wonderful restaurant for more of a fine dining atmosphere but also a casual menu near the bar that we ate at. One night for our two year wedding anniversary we splurged and after discovering the suggestion on Mr. & Mrs. Smith we went to the Squirrel Restaurant at the very gorgeous Danai Beach Resort. An eight course tasting menu looking over the ocean, it was romantic for sure and really delicious.  It certainly was not a budget dinner but it was a night to remember. The table side dessert solar system the pastry chef created was beyond decadent and they were so nice in accommodating my pregnancy requests on the menu. Oh how I wish I was back there right now. 
Wow, this dress looks so different from when I wore it two years ago on our honeymoon in Italy
The other restaurant we really loved was a local find called Aristos Fish Tavern right on the beach in the small fishing village. We ordered a whole fish, a Greek salad and this delicious spaghetti with local seafood, it was so fresh and I would highly recommend checking it out for the night. Nothing fancy but really tasty. 
Lots of time in the sun, a day on the boat, I had a pregnancy massage at the spa, lots of nice fresh food and time in the water, I would highly recommend Ekies Resort . If you are looking for something not fussy but also stylish, it was a perfect fit. 

People can laugh at the phrase Babymoon, but honestly, I think it is a great term! Mr. Beau and I needed a little time away from the city and a little break just the two of us before #babygirlkobus arrives. I will always remember this holiday forever in my mind as a wonderful trip just the two of us had. 

I would recommend booking a get away at the end of your second trimester so you do not feel a bit nervous about traveling. However if you are going somewhere close by, it is a nice break for your seventh month! 

Dreaming of being back in Greece. 

xoxo Rebecca


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