Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Snacking Healthy

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile now. Once and awhile I instagram  some of my favorite snacks and am always looking for new items to add to my afternoon cravings. After my announcement yesterday I will admit, yes, snacking has always been a thing of mine but during my pregnancy, I am ALWAYS reaching for a mid morning and afternoon snack. Just because I am expecting, I am really trying not to over use that excuse and eat whatever I want. It isn't healthy for me or for the baby. Same goes when I'm not pregnant, a snack is a great thing, but in a healthy portion and not a slice of cake every afternoon, that is not a snack! Below are a few of my favorite snack ideas. I would love to hear any of yours, send them my way!   
 Almond Butter. Yum! I have LONG been a fan of Justin's Almond Butter, the honey and vanilla are my favorites! It is only available on Amazon in the UK, but I often stock up when I'm home in the States. I just discovered this delicious brand Wild Friends that have some amazing flavors; cinnamon, espresso, yum. My local UK favorite is the Pip & Nut brand, the coconut almond is pretty delicious. I like to eat it plain, on some melba toast, or on an apple. You can buy all of these brands in a larger jar but I prefer the individual packet size so they are easy to eat on the go or at my desk. High protein, good fats, perfect. 
I've always been a fan of healthy granola bars and snack bars. Some of these can be absolutely awful for you to eat, more like a candy bar! However if I had a smaller breakfast, I don't mind eating one of these yummy quick healthy options. My favorite US brand are the Luna Bars; lemon, blueberry, smore's and honey salted peanut are all delicious. Gluten free, high fiber, high protein, organic, yum. The Bounce Energy Balls are a UK favorite of mine. I love the peanut and the coconut flavor. I almost feel like it is a dessert in the afternoon! 
 Recently I try to keep a bag of snacks in my purse, I never know when I feel a little queasy and need a quick bite. Almonds are healthy and delicious but can get a little boring. I have been baking some sweet almond treats that are easy and not the worst thing for you to snack on. Cinnamon toasted almonds {I use this recipe} are easy, inexpensive and along with an apple or alone, a great snack. 
An afternoon treat/snack to me is a bit of chocolate. Yes, I will be honest, pregnant me wants to dive into a whole pint of ice cream or grab some macarons, but I know that its not the best for me. I am pretty obsessed with the Oh So mini chocolate bars. Thank goodness they come in individual portions or I would eat way to many of them. No sugar added, low calorie and a variety of flavors. I love the original dark chocolate or the orange. The other option are the dark chocolate covered rice cakes at Itsu, my treat. Each cake is only 80 calories, I try to eat one or two and put the last one away for the next day but you know how that works sometimes, I said I try. You can also get them at Pret, love love love these! 

I would love to hear how you switch it up. Are you a big snacker like me? A few more "healthy me" ideas are over on Pinterest. Do let me know if you try any of these! 

xoxo Rebecca

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