Friday, April 1, 2016

I Fancy Friday v.53

Even though it has been a short week here in the UK {we get off on Easter Monday!}, the 4 days of being back at work has been long. The sun has finally started to shine and it is SO lovely because it finally feels like Spring is here. It makes being behind my computer all day hard, because really I want to be outside in the sunshine. With a weekend full of flat hunting {oh possibly!}, shoot planning , yoga classes and well, a lot of relaxing for me and Mr. Beau, I can't wait for the weekend to get going. Recently there is not enough time in the day, hour or minute for all of my projects and I just keep reminding myself to enjoy every minute of our time while its just the two of us. Anyone have big plans for the weekend ahead?.... OH yes, along this busy week, I found some things I fancied throughout the week and wanted to share! Happy Friday! xoxo

1. Flower Arrangement - I saw this arrangement on Wedding Sparrow and its just so pretty and makes me look forward to Spring and Summer!

2. A DIY Sparkle Ice Bucket - this is gorgeous, easy and well, I need to make one for a party! 

3. Rose Gold LOVE balloon - I bought this from Pea Green Boat and can't wait to hang it up. 

4. I know I wrote about healthy snacks this week, but what about a 1/2 and 1/2? Freshly popped popcorn mixed with Lucky Charms marshmallows. WOW, this lady needs this as a snack pronto.

5. Books I'm reading and want to read: Lauren Conrad Celebrate, well I just LOVE her styles and since I plan events and she just wrote a book about parties, I thought I should get it. Right? - Since I am a bit over 4 months pregnant I decided its time to start adding some baby books to my reading list. First up, the one most recommended, Bringing Up Bebe. I already love her opinion about French Parenting and I'm still at the beginning.
6. Diamond Shape Glasses - hello beautiful! these "rock" glasses are stunning & fun. 

7. Flower Crown Print - There is just something I love about this print. It makes me happy! 

8. HETI pink studded DUNE flats - So fun right? I'm thinking I need to add these to my spring/summer maternity capsule wardrobe, right? I mean who doesn't need pink flats to jazz up all the black and grey! 

9. Tufted Pink Stool - Can I PLEASE have more room in my office and a reason to convince my husband I need this stool in it! I mean, it would be the perfect place for #siroliveruk to nap, right? ;) 

10. Vogue 100 Years of Style  - This exhibit runs through the end of May. I need to book my tickets to the National Portrait Gallery soon. 

xoxo Becca



  1. What a great combination of fun diy ideas. Love your pink presentation.

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