Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sips, Sweets & Birthday Treats

Yesterday I celebrated my 34th birthday. Yes, you read correct, I did not turn 24 I turned 34 ;) I love glitter, pink and lots of macarons and am still a 24 year old at heart! With another year of celebrating ahead of me, I thought it would be a fun time to share some fun images I took with Maxeen Kim and Tea America's sweets. Birthdays bring along lots of sweet indulgence in my book! 
 These cookies and cocktails make me think of living life to the happiest and fullest. I mean, doesn't a nice iced bottle of classic coca cola and a cookie sandwich make you smile? It does to me! April with Tea America created a chocolate chip cookie sandwich which was DELICIOUS! I combined a classic  Coke float with a little bit of vanilla vodka and homemade strawberry syrup for a delicious dessert cocktail. Together both are a birthday celebration for sure! 
 Last year I made a lot of resolutions on my birthday, maybe a few too many, however a lot of them I was able to reach. I started my own business Glimmer & Threads, Mr. Beau and I went on some adventures and I've tried to say no more to make room for the YES things I want in my life. This year ahead brings a lot of exciting things in my life but also ones that get me a bit stressed, OK, but like I said, also excited. I'm at the age now after being married for over a year and in my thirties where everyone begins to ask about kids. Friends and family from the States ask us about our plans of heading back to the States. I think about my career and what is next for my business and myself on an hourly basis. All of these subjects are fun but also cause a little anxiety sometimes! Sometimes these topics make me want to eat a lot of cookies and a Coke float! 

 SO the year ahead, well I am making fewer resolutions and just big ones. In a nutshell I am trying to get to my healthiest year yet. I've been mixing in lots of new classes with marathon training, green smoothies, cutting down the daily glass of wine {so not fun!} and just trying to feel great. I've been planning weddings and photo shoots and collaborations and in the year ahead want to bring my business to the next level. I want to find the perfect client for myself and create a brand that is a reflection of my style and personality and reach some high goals of quality events and services and head to full time. I said it last year but this year I can feel it! And lastly I want to save, invest in Mr. Beau's and my future. Our future family, a flat we own, create a home we love, save for the future. Living in a big city and living the life we have been is so fun but sometimes so hard to put aside that emergency fund we want to have and this year its time to be serious about that stuff! So that's it in a nutshell! Me, 34, yippee! 
 I hope you continue to read my blog and follow along on the adventures! Creating new recipe ideas with Tea America or photoshoots for wedding inspirations are all things I LOVE to do. I can't wait to share the next few months with you as I have lots of fun things planned. 
 I will leave you with the most important resolution in the next year ahead....just to relax a bit more and be happy. This past few months a few good friends of mine have lost close relatives to them. It has really made me think every time, life is too short. So if your having a really yucky day, just indulge, have a sweet cookie and a Coke float! Do it, make yourself smile and realize to just enjoy, life is short and this year is going to be good! Cheers to making life a little sweeter every day! 
xoxo - Rebecca

Photos by: Maxeen Kim Photography | Sweets by: Tea America | Cocktails and Styling by ME! Urban Flip Flops 

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