Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Fashion Favs

The weather has certainly switched here in London. It was a beautiful weekend, but when you were out of the sunshine, you could feel the chill. I have been delaying the process of putting away my summery outfits and bringing out my wool sweater and boots, but I think it is time. Always around this time of year, probably because it was a tradition during back to school time, but I start itching for some new pieces to add to my wardrobe. This year I am loving some classic refreshes and some fun sparkly just because pieces. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I so wouldn't mind adding to my closet. 

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday {gasp! how did that HAPPEN!} and I find myself steering towards nice basic pieces this time of year. What is happening I don't know! Notice no pink above, no bow and flowery sweaters, don't you worry...that pretty crisp clean white shirt will get jazzed up with a big pink flower pin! A new white shirt, a classic black skirt, a tan lady bag, these are all items I would love to shine up my look heading into a new year! 

It is a new year for me tomorrow, I deserve a little wardrobe refresh right:)! 

xoxo Becca

*You can see some other items I have my eye on over here. SHOP THE LOOK

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