Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life In London : Three Years Later

It honestly seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote this post about moving across the pond. So much has happened since we packed up our little yellow house in Florida and made a big move to this amazing city. I loved London when I studied here during a semester abroad, but after living here for almost three years, I tend to fall in love with a new thing here all of the time. From a new boutique, a coffee shop, a quaint street, meeting new friends, new British sayings, life here has been a little adventure. 
Living abroad from my family and friends has challenges no doubt, however life with Facetime and Instagram has seriously changed our life. Mr. Beau and I have had an amazing few years of adventures just the two of us discovering a new city together and life as newlyweds in a new country.

A few of my favorite posts from the city in the past three years: 

Dining Out In London: Bob Bob Ricard {the place to PRESS champagne} | An Afternoon Tea at Sketch | Dining Out In London | The Pig & The Butcher 

The drawing above is a little bit of me right now, my current life and loves. 
I was SO excited after commenting on a fabulous Instagram connection, Floorinthehouse, when she soon after illustrated a LOVELY sketch of me. {Her email is on her Instagram account but in case you do NOT have an account it is: Oh and you need an Instagram account if you don't have one, come on!}. 
An American girl at heart and will always be, but quite loving the city I am living in and the British culture. I love planning events filled with lots of bubbly and seeing a couple toast to a wonderful marriage and being filled with happiness at the end of the evening. I love filling our flat or a wedding or my desk with overflowing amounts of peonies. I married a fabulous Dutch man, my Mr. Beau and tulips will forever hold a special place in my heart as a favorite flower. Since living in London I have discovered more and more amazing shops for clothes, parties, our flat and the list doesn't end, hence the shopping bags. And entertaining, well yes, that I truly love. I love to cook and make treats and have parties to celebrate them with. I love a lot of healthy, but life is too short not to have a bit of sweet, right? The bow shoes well, you can usually find me wearing these when coordinating an event or wearing my bow slippers on the couch with a glass of vino. I do love a bow!  Floorinthehouse....THANK YOU for my life in London sketch! 

In the next two weeks I will posting a few London themed giveaways, so keep your eyes out for them. Wedding related London events & goodies and healthy British favorites. 

Thank you for following over the last few years! This is an ongoing adventure and while some days I find myself crazed, I always remind myself how lucky we are and how life in London is pretty fabulous. 


xoxo - Becca


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