Thursday, May 7, 2015

Feeling Good: ClassPass comes to London

A few months ago I was talking to my girlfriend in the States and she was telling me about all of these workouts she had tried out; pilates, yoga, circuit training. I was a bit jealous not going to lie. I love my workout that I do, it is tough, it works and it is so convenient, however, I have been wanting to try out some new classes. Some workouts however can be so expensive to try, fall in love with and then want to attend, it adds up. When she told me about ClassPass  I was pretty jealous that it didn't exist in London. The concept is that you can attend unlimited classes all over the city for a monthly membership, at any studios that are members {and there are TONS}, but a max of three times at each studio. OK, love the idea. Well, ladies….. I am psyched to share that ClassPass has now landed here in London and well, lets just say, I am hooked! 

I was lucky enough to give ClassPass a month trial this past month and well, like I said, I love it and its got me hooked. Mr. Beau and I are trying for a marathon this upcoming Fall and I have been wanting to change up my workouts a bit more, add in some yoga, some pilates and challenge myself to stretch, tone, relax a bit. I decided to try and dive in to as many classes as I could in a month with being realistic of my schedule and time. The outcome was amazing, I fell in love with two studios and would truly recommend it to anyone. 

The low down: For £89 a month you can select from studios all across London; cycling, pilates, barre, strength training, boot camp, dance, yoga, the list goes on. While £89 might sound like a lot at first, some classes individually are £20 each, so truly, go to 5 classes a month and you get your monthly money's worth! ClassPass is super convenient because it has an app where you can sort through by time, neighborhood and exercise. I actually loved figuring out what class to take, it was a bit of a game and treat I felt like, switching up the usual workouts. 

Here are the classes I tried out: 

Oh my gawd! I love this place. From the minute I walked in with the cool stylish staff, the fact that they give you a large shower towel, bottled water, towels on the bikes and a NICE locker room, made me happy before class even started, {its the little things}! 1Rebel offers two types of classes: Ride, a dj music filled spin class and Reshape, a high intensity group workout. I went to three morning classes of Ride and loved every one. I hadn't been to a spinning class since Florida, and with amazing music, a little bit of weights added in and plain old high intensity SPINNING, it was a rock star class. The locker rooms are a huge plus, they have fabulous amenities {hair straightener, fab shampoo, lotions, plenty of hair dryers} and there is plenty of space! Sometimes it can be a struggle when getting ready for work at a gym, but this place, nope, amazing. I hugely recommend attending a class here. It was a nice change for my body to be back on the bike as well! 
 Oh my, the copper locker room doors are pretty great, no? 
Oh right, and the white benches, those are heated, yes, amazing. 
 Hello ice cold towels in a cute little fridge to welcome you after class. 
 There is a Roots & Bulbs located near the entrance of the studio. I confess I stopped and got breakfast of this delicious Whey of the Gods, oh myyyy, yum. Not included in ClassPass, but I had to share its deliciousness. 
1Rebel - I will be back next month three times for sure! 

I have been dying to try out a pilates reformers class but also a bit intimidated for awhile now. With ClassPass I thought, why not! I signed up for the introduction session to familiarize yourself with the machine and would highly recommend the thirty minute session to any newbie! Walking into my first full class Saturday made me much more at ease and a little more understudying of what we were doing. The studio is nice and clean, airy, friendly and very nice instructors. My reformers pilates experience was amazing and the day after I could still feel my abs burning. Stretching and toning, I can see this being a huge plus to my marathon training schedule. I need more of this in my life. Next month, I will be back.  
I had heard from a few friends about Boom Cycle but had never tried it. I was glad to see it pop up on the ClassPass list of sessions offered. I attended class in their Shoreditch location, small but wow, a great spinning class. I will be honest, I didn't love the studio, a teeny bit too small, I would not want to get ready for work there, however, the class was amazing and the teacher she rocked the music play list, it was gooood. The class was pretty fantastic. 
I was excited to see my current gym on the list. I have been attending class at Orange Theory for over two years now and I do love it. It is a small studio, but the teachers and the circuit training class will kick your butt! Highly recommend to get to this class if you are looking to whip your butt into shape! 

So that is it. In one month I attended three new studios multiple times. I love to switch it up and can not wait to sign up for new sessions next month. With the marathon in the Fall, I am ready to kick my body into some new workouts and am SO excited to be using ClassPass

With the app, it makes it so easy to sign up, oh and did I mention that there are LISTS of classes to sign up for! No matter what area of the city you are in, you should be able to access this. 

Hint Hint…sign up, its a deal!  Training for something special and do not want to commit to a local spot? Looking to attend a yoga class near your office, a pilates class near home and a barre class across town on the weekend? Well…. 
 I love it! Its fab! 

xoxo - Becca 

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Note: I received a month free trial pass to ClassPass, however, my opinions in this post are mine and are honest, I loved it. This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a few £ (seriously, I won't be a millionaire) if you click on the link and sign up. It would be oh so nice if you do use the link and spread the word! 

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