Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dining in London : Bob Bob Ricard

My list of must visit restaurants in London continues to grow daily. There are SO many amazing places to eat in this city and it seems that every day a new spot is opening up,  it makes my list of must try restaurants continually growing. For the past two years I have had Bob Bob Ricard high at the top of my must visit restaurants. It could have been their famous Press For Champagne that first steered me into the restaurant {you think!}. It could have been the fact that the restaurant has pink everywhere and is a beyond glamorous spot for an evening out. Every time I see it appear on Instagram and even Pinterest I get so excited and can't wait to press the button on my own. Either way, Mr. Beau and I treated ourselves to an evening out and yes, I loved it! 
 This year for Lent I gave up all meat and chocolate for 40 days and 40 nights. I actually was ok about it and didn't mind giving up meat so much. However, I would be a complete liar to say that the thought of having a nice indulgent filet didn't get me hungry. To end the Easter weekend, I made Mr. Beau and I a reservation at Bob Bob Ricard to dive into a big steak and sip on champagne. Yes, it was pricey and indulgent, but I will admit, it was worth it. We had such a nice night out at Bob Bob Ricard !

An evening out called for the perfect reason to wear my new green skirt, I felt like I was heading to a party! 
The restaurant has touches of baby pink all over the place, which obviously I could not have loved more. From the pink designs on their menus, napkins, plates and french fry holders, to the pink champagne and pink rhubarb cocktails, this place was right up my alley. 
All of the tables are individual green booths with little green velvet curtains that you can draw to create a bit of privacy. We may not have needed privacy, however Miss Kyle Minogue was there the same night and well, she may have called for some {love that I saw it on Instagram!} Each booth contains your own bell to PRESS FOR CHAMPAGNE, and I would love to know if there has ever been a guest who has not touched the bell at least once, it is so tempting, I know I did! 
The service was wonderful. All of the waitstaff were so friendly and nice and I am sure are very accustomed to the constant instagram snapping and bell ringing, I mean, how can you not be! 
We started our dinner by sharing the indulgent Lobster Macaroni & Cheese. Rich and creamy and delicious! I would suggest as a starter or a side, it was delicious. 
For dinner we went all the way and treated ourselves to the Beef Wellington for two, oh my! After not eating meat for 40 days, this item was certainly a bit of indulgence! It was amazing, but be warned, the price tag is a bit, eeeekk, like I said, this was a treat! And who could resist french fries that are served in the cutest pink holder. It was as if this was Barbie's grown up sophisticated restaurant. 

Let's discuss dessert. You can not leave Bob Bob Ricard without trying one of their magical treats. I say magical, because this item below was just that. The signature dish, The Chocolate Glory, is a chocolate sphere covered in gold that gets melted chocolate poured over it in front of you for a little theatre. As the chocolate melts, it reveals the delicious inside of chocolate brownies, meringue and mousse. It it decadent and DIVINE! 
We didn't love this at all! {wink wink!} 
Bob Bob Ricard is certainly a spot to treat yourself to, not an every day choice, however, I would certainly go back! What a treat. I had heard mixed reviews of this overpriced restaurant and I have to say, I disagree, I thought it was lovely! Downstairs their is now a club room with a dance floor and let me tell you, I would oh so LOVE to try that out with some girlfriends! 
Happy Dining! Make sure to PRESS FOR CHAMPAGNE! I am actually thinking that I need to get this button below and place it near my bed? Yes! 
Button available on Etsy, amazing isn't it! 

Happy Dining! xoxo - Becca

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* All images taken from my iPhone. This post was first seen on Urban Flip Flops. 


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