Thursday, February 12, 2015

London Valentine's Day Sweets

I do not need to admit that I have a sweet tooth, I think you may already know that! A little piece of dark chocolate, a few macarons, a cupcake treat, I do LOVE a little piece of sweet thank you. With Valentine's Day this weekend I thought I would share some of my favorite local London sweets. I mean really, who wouldn't be happy with personalized marshmallows, heart boxes full of champagne truffles, a red velvet cake or….homemade s'mores. I think if my husband came home with Anges de Sucre s'mores, I may need to marry him all over again;)

Have you heard of Boomf? Well now you have! Personalized marshmallows, yes, love it. You can order online or also get them made at Selfridges. How cute is the marshmallow above that you could float in your Valentine's coffee or hot cocoa? {and yes, Princess Kate's brother James just so happens to be the man behind the business} 

I'm a fan of fancy hot chocolate and fancy chocolates. The pretty packaging, the splurge of buying a treat gets me every time. Buying a box of Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles is a bit fancy feeling compared to Cadbury at Boots, right??? The Fortnum & Mason Love Potion Hot Chocolate would be even more delicious spiked with a little Bailey's, no?

Red Velvet and Salted Dark Chocolate Carmel Truffles, yes, is your watering at the mouth? Mine is! Valentine's these Prestat Theatre Heart Box are making my heart beat a little faster {or is that the sugar rush}. My favorite cookie "biscuit" shop in London has created such a beautiful box of cookies, I wish I could send my girlfriends all over the world a box for Valentine's Day, Biscuiteers Love Birds Cookies
WHAT! A Peggy Porschen Red Velvet Cake, small and tiny and a cake we could finish in the weekend, please Valentine, please! 
If you haven't been to Anges de Sucres shop, this is the perfect week to check it out AND pick up some Valentine's Day treats. My picks are the Anges de Sucre S'mores or how beautiful is the Anges de Sucres Macaron Boxes ??? Put your coat on and head there, now. 
 Lastly, the oh so pretty Meringue Girls Meringues. You can get gold dusted ones or even Personalized Meringue Girls Boxes. I do not know of a lady out there who wouldn't smile with a pretty box of these delivered? 

Happy Valentine's everyone! I hope you get a little sweet from your sweetie today. 

xoxo - Rebecca

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