Monday, February 9, 2015

Gifts for the Month of Love : Valentine's Day Ideas

Yes, I am that girl who loves Valentine's Day. It isn't just the day, it is the whole month of February, the idea that wearing pink all month is absolutely fine. I love the time around Valentine's Day for the idea of giving gifts and sweets to the ones you love whether it is a boyfriend, husband, sister, mom, friend, etc. My husband has married a hopeless romantic and he accepts {maybe!} the idea that yes, this is one lady who loves a sweet Valentine! Some people hate the day, as more of a commercial day, but hey, I love one more reason to celebrate the day full of love, why not! From monogrammed necklaces, pink purses, to fresh roses and rose scented bath oils, here are a few of my favorite heart filled gifts! 

Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo - Becca

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