Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday, yippee! It is no secret that I am a huge birthday fan! Celebrating mid week ideally isn't the best, I will be honest. However, I woke up to mimosas in bed, breakfast made by my husband and at least a sunny day in London, so far not so bad. Looking at this picture of me as a little girl below makes me so happy. What was I wishing? Did I have any idea that at 33 my life would be what it was? 
Was I wishing for a barbie or for happiness and happy days ahead? 

Birthdays are full of so much celebration and I believe they should be! One day out of the year that you can celebrate the years behind you and the year ahead of you. What an amazing year I have had and I can't imagine what the year ahead brings for me. Tomorrow I am going to post my birthday resolutions {forget new years resolutions!} but for now, I am taking a little time today to think back on all of the wishes I made back then, and how lucky I have been to have been granted with so many wonderful things since then! Some days when I am in caught up in the daily grind, the emails, the timelines, the stress of lots of things, I forget about what an amazing life I do have. So today I wish myself a happy birthday! Happy birthday and cheers to it only getting better. 

xoxo - Becca 

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