Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Birthday Week: Birthday Cakes

September for me brings A LOT of birthday celebrations. From my birthday {yippee! next week!}, my husbands birthday, nephews birthday, brother in law and a lot of my besties birthday, the month of September is one big PARTY time! I have wonderful memories of celebrating my birthday with a big cake. Every year my mom would ask us a month before, "What type of cake do you want for your birthday?", my answers often varied as the years went by; angel food with my mom's 7 minute frosting, to a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake or some classic homemade cupcakes. I truly feel that if you don't have a good piece of cake on your birthday, it isn't a birthday celebration at all! Below I have rounded up a few of my favorite cakes that I think would leave anybody SO excited to celebrate the next big year of their life. Happy Birthday all of you September babies! 
Sprinkles Birthday Cake by Kelsey Nixon 

xoxo - September Birthday Girl Becca

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