Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthday Resolutions

This New Year's I promised not to make big resolutions for 2014. With so much going on in life this past year, the thought of making resolutions for the year ahead made me itch. Well since last week was my birthday and I feel that I have a new year ahead of me, I have decided to share a few goals and resolutions of my own for my year ahead. Always mentioning my projects and over loaded to do lists, I thought I would share a bit more today about what I have on my agenda for my big 33rd year! 

1. Find Happiness Every Day - Yes, I just got married and have an amazing husband, an adorable dog, wonderful family and friends! We live in London and have exciting things going on in life, however I often struggle with the balance of not being fully happy with my job and personal life and stress out about it all. It sounds funny to write that out, but yes, I need to realize I have an extra happy life and just because every box is not ticked at the moment, I'm getting there. 

2. Self Employment - Yep ladies and gentleman, I just wrote that and am putting it out there to the world. In the next year I hope I can wake up at 34 {eeekk!} and know that I have to report to myself today and not head on the tube to the office. I do love working with a team of people, but being self employed, in charge of my life, is something I have been SO eager to do for a few years, I seriously could explode. I want to set up the life for me and Mr. Beau,  one that I can have a more flexible schedule. I know it is going to be such hard work, but I am ok with working hard, as long as its on my schedule. With a new business launching next month {see it here!} and my ultimate goal to be planning weddings on my own {contact me HERE!} I hope that next year at 34 I can finally call myself my own business. From now until then, wish me luck, as I know its going to be a busy year! 

3. Attend Workshops - I think there is so much to learn from other professionals in your industry! Creating things with like minded people is a huge push to me, a huge boost and really gets me excited. Workshops like Flourish & Prospers Styling Workshop & Joy Thigpen's Styling Workshop are on the top of my list. I truly believe that you can learn SO much from others personal stories compared to a book. 

4. De Stress - That world that I've been carrying around on my shoulders, shake it off. I have a gym routine that I frequent 4-5 times a week and I love it! However, I think it is time for me to really put some relaxation and stretching back into my life with yoga and running. I love the feeling of going outside in the fresh air for a run and going to a studio and stretching and breathing, I need to force myself to put this into my life again. Splurge on a massage, read a book, those little things are the things for the past year I have pushed away and instead been on my iPad on Pinterest or Instagram and that needs to stop. 

5. Have More Confidence - I wouldn't say I do not have any confidence, I do, however when it comes to a personal professional confidence, I need to sell myself and be confident! I have over 12 years of experience in event planning and sometimes I am aware I sell myself short, I have just as much experience if not more then a lot of people and must stop comparing and just do it! 

6. Be a Good Wife - A funny one to write but so true! With my juggling of my personal goals and projects all the time, poor Mr. Beau often has to hear me complain about everything, enough. Enough complaining and more doing will make me a better wife and friend every day. 

7. Keep to a Schedule - Ok, this sounds kind of boring, haha, but it is true. I write my to do lists and have my mental schedules going on, but then I spend 30 minutes browsing around online and do not finish half of the list of items I had to do. With my blog, business, personal life, to keep me happy in all ways, I need to get a good schedule going on and schedule in my mights, our dates etc. I often over schedule us and in the next year I want to learn how to be smarter at our time and schedule! 

8. Better Quality Posts - I have really had a hard time this past year feeling that Urban Flip Flops has had as much quality posts as I wish it could. A huge goal for me in the next year is to use my site to share my portfolio, my ideas and use it to really share things I see and posts I write down  I want to write but never get around to it. I do not want to write a post anymore that I am not proud to read myself. 

9. Breaks with Mr. Beau - We have been married for over three months, yippee! and have travelled to Italy, the States and Holland. While these trips are ALWAYS amazing, it is little weekend get aways that can often be such a sweet thing as well. I truly want to plan more breaks with just us two, take advantage of living in Europe!

So that is it ! I know it is a lot of things to get done, however I look at what I was thinking of at 32 last year, and since then SO much has happened. I wish nothing but a sparkly and fulfilling year ahead, lots of good change to come! Wish me luck! 

xoxo - Becca

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